Suri Enrolled In New School: Katie Holmes Puts Daughter In $40,000-A-Year School

Suri Cruise is enrolled in a new school in Manhattan that runs $40,000 a year and focuses on giving students an international education.

Though earlier reports had claimed that Katie Holmes was enrolling Suri in an all-girls Catholic School called Convent of the Sacred Heart, Life & Style magazine now reports that Suri is actually going to be enrolling at Avenues, a new private school set to open in Chelsea this fall.

Before Suri was enrolled in the new school, the daughter of Tom Cruise was home-schooled, but the 6-year-old is reportedly now “really excited” about meeting her classmates and getting to see all the amenities of a real school, The Huffington Post reported. Suri is especially excited about the lunchrooms, basketball courts and various activities, the report said.

Avenues held some obvious appeal to Katie Holmes. It has a rooftop playground and gym with full-sized volleyball and basketball courts and is just a 10-minute walk from her home in Chelsea. Tuition at Avenues runs $40,000 a year, which the New York Times points out is close to the average for Catholic schools in Manhattan.

Suri’s enrollment in the new school means she will be getting a worldly education. Avenues stresses bilingual education for students in preschool through 12th grade, so she may be learning Spanish or Mandarin along with the basics. The school also aims to send students to study out of the country for six- to eight-week periods once they are in later grades.

Now that Suri is enrolled in her new school, she will also have to get used to wearing uniforms. Avenues requires students to wear a white polo shirt, blouse or turtleneck with gray or black pants, shirts, jumper, or shorts.