WWE News: Update On TNA Stars Eric Young And Bobby Roode Coming To WWE

TNA Wrestling has been suffering for a while when it comes to United States viewership. While ratings are generally positive overseas in places like U.K. and even India at times, they haven’t clicked well in the States. It is for various reasons of which we do not have enough time to even get into right now, but one thing is for sure. TNA has a lot of talented people working for them. The problem for them is that many are leaving soon, already left, or planning to leave when their contract is up.

Two people who jumped off the TNA boat are Bobby Roode and Eric Young. Both are former TNA World Champions. Some would even claim that outside of AJ Styles and potentially Kurt Angle, Roode may very well be the best TNA World Champion of all time. Roode held the title twice and actually holds the longest single reign with 256 days. Fans know how good he is and that he truly has the “it factor.” The problem was the scenery.

Many feel that in WWE, he’d be a major success. However, waiting so long to leave TNA may have hurt him.

Bobby Roode

Meanwhile, Eric Young was a guy everyone saw as the ultimate TNA guy. He stood for all that was TNA from a serious competitor to a joke back to a serious threat into just another guy. Just as TNA was a serious competitor to any other wrestling company then they became a joke of one. They then turned back into a serious threat and then became just another company. Really, the company of TNA can truly be defined by the use of Eric Young’s career.

Young even held the TNA World Title himself. Although it was only for a few months, it was a much-deserved reign. Now both Roode and Young are gone from TNA and very well could end up somewhere else very soon. Many believe TNA dropped the ball in letting them go, as they easily could have met a price that would have kept two TNA originals on. Both spent 12 years with TNA, as long as any other original, really. They also didn’t leave and come back like James Storm.

Many believe that both Eric Young and Bobby Roode could end up in WWE now that they are available, but will they? According to the Wrestling Observer, there was initial talk of Roode being the one most suited to come to WWE, but Eric Young seems to be the one getting the most interest between the two.

Eric Young

It is surprising to some, but not as much as one would imagine. Roode is near 40 years old while Young is 36. The age difference is a big deal with WWE.

The company has taken on older performers before, but not as many come in near 40. Austin Aries and AJ Styles would be major exceptions to this, but both were world renowned and worked well in multiple companies. Meanwhile, Young and Roode are only known for their work with TNA. Young being literally younger does help his case, on top of his Animal Planet exposure. Having a WWE NXT talent with his own Animal Planet show very well could help the WWE press-wise.

Obviously, both would have to have interest in WWE before anything happens. However, with several TNA stars being signed to WWE, it does look like there is a shot that WWE has a big interest in both men. It will be interesting to see if either man is signed before too long. There is a rumor that if WWE has an interest in either man, they could end up on some of the NXT tapings in a few weeks. If that happens, it will only bring more press to NXT. That can only be good for WWE.

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