Future And The Weeknd Release ‘Low Life’ Music Video

Future and The Weeknd have teamed up to release a video for the song “Low Life.”

According to Entertainment Weekly, the video debuted on MTV on Friday night before being released to Vevo. Directed by Zac Facts, the video is set in a world that looks to be reminiscent of a Mad Max movie. From the abandoned warehouse, to the vehicle that they drive around in, the lyrics to “Low Life” accentuates such an atmosphere. The Weeknd, delivering the first verse, is known for his falsetto; the vocals behind his almost pleasing tone are easily noticeable by any who have heard his previous songs such as “Earned It” and “Often.”

Future, a 32-year-old rapper from Atlanta, Georgia, adds to the track by delivering raw lyrics that define what the “Low Life” encompasses: sensual acts and a certain carelessness for the consequences involved. Vevo appears to have the explicit version of the song on YouTube, making parental discretion advised.

The song “Low Life” was originally released on Future’s LP EVOL, which is “LOVE” spelled backwards. This being his most recent LP, Future lends his trademark rhyme scheme to “Low Life” by rapping what little concern he has for giving apologies and the cars in his inventory. A closer look of the “Low Life” video reveals graffiti in the background. At one point in the video, a bouquet of burning roses is dropped and falls away from the screen. Rolling Stone magazine calls this a nod to Future’s album cover for EVOL. The LP has received positive reviews, even earning praise from record producer DJ Khaled and appearing on his We The Best radio station.

Future took to Twitter, captioning a clip from “Low Life” as “It’s all about those timeless moments.” Alongside The Weeknd, the song is a departure from clean and mildly-suggestive lyrics. There’s also a quick cameo by French Montana, a well-known 31-year-old rapper from Rabat, Morocco. While he does not provide any lyrics to “Low Life,” he celebrates the lifestyle with Future through smoke-filled rooms accompanied by various video vixens. This is not the first time they have worked together, as the duo have music together on French Montana’s mixtape Wave Gods.

This is certainly not the first feature that The Weeknd has under his belt. Aside from “Low Life,” he has been featured with artists such as Drake, Wiz Khalifa, Juicy J, and Sia. The Canadian-born artist is also a songwriter and record producer. He has even made an appearance on SNL alongside Future, performing “Low Life” live on television on March 5.

The release of the “Low Life” music video comes just three weeks after making it a breakout single for Future’s EVOL. Accompanied by his showing on SNL, Future’s tweet that mentioned his Purple Reign tour, advising fans to Shazam his performance so that they could have a chance to see him live in Los Angeles on March 18.

Rolling Stone magazine also mentions that EVOL is Future’s third number one album over a period of seven months. Prior to this LP, Future appeared on the mixtape What A Time To Be Alive. A collaboration that combines Toronto-Born Drake’s unique flow with Future’s party hop, it’s no wonder that Future has received such accolades. “Low Life” is being regarded as just one of many songs that make EVOL worthy of its number one spot.

What do you think of the new music video “Low Life” by Future and The Weeknd? Do you feel that it lives up to the reputation that both of these artists have established over their careers? Let us know in the comments below.

[Imaga via Andrew Toth/Getty Images]