Life-Size WALL-E Built By California Robot Expert [Video]

Mike Senna, a computer programmer in California, has created a real-life WALL-E.

The 3.4 foot replica of the famous Pixar character can move, talk, wave its hands, and according to Senna, convey real emotion. Entertainment Weekly reports that Senna wanted his robot to convey the same emotion that Pixar’s WALL-E was capable in the movie. Senna’s robot can move its eyes, something that even Disney’s replica robot can’t do.

So why build a real-life WALL-E?

Senna said that he built the robot to entertain his children, but since it has been so well received, he plans on bringing the robot to various children’s hospitals.

“The kids always respond to the wave. WALL-E’s first gig was at the City of Hope. And the kids were just amazed.”

Senna may also work with PIXAR to improve on his design.

Senna said that he has already talked to John Lasseter about getting help with more voice samples from Pixar. The robot builder said that he met Lasseter when he was showing off another robot, his Star Wars R2D2, at an event.

Senna said:

“I had shown it to [Pixar chief] John Lasseter at an event that I went to with the R2. He said that he liked it a lot and that I should probably bring it by Disney studios when it was completed.”

Here’s a video about Senna’s real-life WALL-E.