‘Outlander’ Star Sam Heughan Proclaims ‘I’m Proud To Be A Pseudo-Ginger’

Sam Heughan plays a lot of different roles as Jamie Fraser on Outlander. Heughan’s character is a farmer, a fugitive, and husband to the time-travelling Claire Fraser (Caitriona Balfe). Although Heughan plays a red-headed Scot in the hit series, many fans may be surprised to learn that he isn’t a true red head. However, that doesn’t mean Heughan is ashamed of his character’s ginger status.

In an interview with the Spinoff, Heughan was asked how it felt to be recognized as one of the most famous gingers in the world. In reply, the Outlander star admitted that he is proud of portraying a red-headed character despite not being a ginger himself.

“The problem is that I’m a fake ginger. It’s kind of upsetting because they really are ginger, and they’re pasty and white as well,” Heughan told the outlet. “Whereas I’ve got that Jamie Fraser, slightly dirty, swarth skin. I’m very proud to be a pseudo-ginger.”

In addition to his pride as a ginger representative, Heughan recently told Lifestyle that he is also proud of his Scottish heritage. Although he was born on the border, Heughan considers himself an “honorary scot” and is very interested in “the history of Scotland and its culture.”

Jamie and Claire are expecting a baby in season 2 of 'Outlander.' [Image via Starz]
Jamie and Claire are expecting a baby in Season 2 of ‘Outlander.’ [Image via Starz]

Meanwhile, Heughan also discussed what’s ahead for Claire and Jamie this time around. The second season of Outlander will feature the couple travelling to Paris, France, in order to stop the Battle of Culloden and the Jacobite Rebellion.

Not only will the new setting bring its own share of challenges and political games, but it’s also well outside of Jamie’s comfort zone. After all, when fans were first introduced to Jamie, the only thing he wanted was a simple life. Of course, that all changed when he met Claire.

In speaking about Jamie’s relationship with Claire, Heughan admitted that Claire pushes him beyond his normal expectations. Although Heughan blamed Claire’s “big mouth” for their troubles, he admitted that Jamie loves her more than anything.

“He loves her dearly, and they need to do this. They need to stop this battle, because if they don’t, everyone that they know and everything that they love will be destroyed,” he stated.

Jamie and Claire travel to France in season 2 of 'Outlander.' [Image via Starz]
Jamie and Claire travel to France in season 2 of Outlander. [Image via Starz]

Along with attempting to change history and preserving Scottish culture, Claire and Jamie also have to deal with a new baby on the way. Claire’s pregnancy was revealed at the end of the first season, and the baby bump she sports in Season 2 has apparently left Heughan distracted.

Sam Heughan recently sat down with E! Online and revealed that he has taken a liking to Balfe’s change in wardrobe. In fact, her baby bump has become sort of an obsession for the actor, who just can’t get enough of Claire’s bump.

“I’m kind of obsessed by it,” he explained in the interview. “It’s really fun to poke, and also just rub it.”

As far as Balfe is concerned, the actress had a slightly different take on having to wear a silicone bump in the second season. While the series is known for its heated scenes between Jamie and Claire, Balfe explained how being pregnant comes with its own brand of sexy.

The official poster for season 2 of 'Outlander,' features Caitriona Balfe wearing an iconic red dress. [Image via Starz]
The official poster for Season 2 of ‘Outlander’ features Caitriona Balfe wearing the iconic red dress. [Image via Starz]

“Diana [Gabaldon] and I had an amazing conversation about it,” Balfe noted. “Obviously, I’ve never been pregnant, so she was talking to me about it, and it was this thing about how you do feel sexy, and you do feel womanly, and it was great to be able to celebrate that and to watch this couple bond and really connect over their impending child.”

The second season of Outlander is set to premiere April 9 on Starz.

Tell us! Are you counting down the days until the #Droughtlander is over and Sam Heughan is back in Season 2 of Outlander?

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