‘RHOBH’ Star Lisa Vanderpump At War With Eileen Davidson, Refuses To Accept Apology For Bad Dog Joke

The current season of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills may be over, but the drama between Lisa Vanderpump and Eileen Davidson has not cooled down. Following Davidson’s comments about Vanderpump’s love for dogs, Vanderpump has officially fired back at her co-star. Will the two reality stars end their feud before next season?

Eileen Davidson and Lisa Vanderpump [Image via Bravo]
Eileen Davidson and Lisa Vanderpump [Image via Bravo]

As fans will recall, Davidson made disparaging comments about Vanderpump after she failed to attend one of Vanderpump’s animal rights parties. According to Radar Online, the reality star joked about killing dogs, which didn’t exactly sit well with Vanderpump.

Not only is Vanderpump active in the animal rights community, but she also is the head of Stop Yulin Forever and even owns her own pet accessory business. Despite the fallout from her comments, an inside source told the outlet that Davidson “has still not apologized.”

“Eileen told the other housewives that all she really meant by the comment was that Lisa should perhaps use her social platform to help actual humans instead of animals,” the source explained.

So far, Vanderpump has not taken Davidson’s comments lightly. In fact, in a recent post to blog on Bravo, the reality star addressed Davidson’s remarks and expressed her concern over how fans have reacted to the issue. Additionally, Davidson pleaded with fans to try and understand where she is coming from and why she reacted so strongly to the negative remarks.

“With regard to ED’s last blog, I hear many of you on social media, and yes, humor is something that provokes laughter. I didn’t hear any,” Vanderpump wrote. “The caustic remarks resonated for sure. At least if you don’t support our plight, have some sensitivity to a fellow Housewife’s passion. But, like I said, we all deal with things differently.”

The recent feud between the two ladies actually is a result of long-standing tension that reaches back at least a year. Part of their bitterness towards each other stems from the fact that Davidson was awarded a hefty contract in her first year on the show. In fact, Bravo dished out some $750,000 to the reality star in her freshman year.

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Furthermore, Vanderpump and Davidson butted heads at the red carpet last year. According to an eyewitness, Davidson treated Vanderpump with little respect during the showing. Although they didn’t exchange any words, Davidson made it clear that she doesn’t like Vanderpump.

“Eileen was incredibly rude and gave Lisa a look like she didn’t even know who she was,” the witness explained.

Based on their previous comments and unwillingness to resolve their issues, it appears as though Vanderpump’s feud with Davidson is not going to end anytime soon. Unfortunately, this might mean a parting of ways for one of the parties involved.

Apparently, Lisa Vanderpump is not willingly to accept Davidson’s explanation for why she made the joke about the dogs. Instead, things have escalated to the point where the reality star wants nothing more than to see Davidson booted from show for good.

“Lisa does not want to work with her again next season. She wants her gone!” a source revealed.

Considering Vanderpump’s love for animals, it does not seem like that she’ll be the one who compromises. If the two women do not resolve their differences, it will be interesting to see if Vanderpump follows through with her threats and leaves the series.

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With the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills just now wrapping up its season, at least Vanderpump has a few months to weigh her options. In the meantime, fans can rest assured that neither star is going to drop the issue in the coming weeks.

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