Jinger Duggar Takes On The Duggar Boys In Business, Ready To ‘Do It Herself’ [Video]

With TLC dropping the Duggar family’s reality television series 19 Kids and Counting, which followed patriarch Jim Bob Duggar, his wife Michelle and 19 kids, the next generation of Duggars are stepping up to the plate to redeem the family name. The two married Duggar daughters, Jill Dillard and Jessa Seewald, were the focus of the Counting On three-part special which aired last December. However, with TLC signing on for a full season of the new Duggar show, the series has strayed from that original format, giving some of the other unmarried Duggar children the spotlight. In the trailer for the next episode of Jill & Jessa: Counting On it seems that Jinger Duggar will be the next to be highlighted in the series with fans learning about Jinger’s budding business of flipping automobiles.

TLC released a new trailer for Jill & Jessa: Counting On which features Duggar daughter Jinger. The slightly less traditional Duggar has always been intriguing to fans as she has a distinct style that stands out among the Duggar girls’ denim skirts. In fact, Jinger seems to stray from the standard rules for Duggar women and, as the trailer shows, spends a lot of time with the Duggar boys.

In fact, Jinger is allegedly taking on the business that is typically passed down to the male Duggars in the family, not the females, which is auto flipping. Way back when the Duggars first entered the world of reality television, we learned that the Duggars worked heavily in the auto industry and owned a used car lot. The family would purchase vehicles at auction and resell them for profit. While auto flipping has been passed down through the male Duggar line, it seems that Jinger Duggar is the first Duggar female to take part in the business.

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Jessa Seewald notes that her sister Jinger has been going to auto auctions for quite some time with her dad and brothers. However, it was pointed out that Jinger had never purchased and flipped a vehicle of her own. Instead, she watched as the Duggar men did the dirty work. Now, Jessa says that it is not surprising that Jinger is ready to branch out on her own. Jessa says that Jinger is done watching and is ready to “do it herself.”

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The video shows Jinger at an auto auction preparing to make her first purchase. A number of her brothers are there to help her make her final decision. Jinger’s brothers say they believe their sister will do well in the business because she is ambitious and is always willing to learn.

Interestingly, instead of noting Jinger’s new endeavor in a career that has been linked to the Duggar brothers, TLC referred to Jinger’s dip into the auto flipping arena as a “hobby.”

If you missed the most recent episodes of Counting On you can watch it for free via streaming below.

With Jinger beginning her venture in auto flipping, it seems that the Duggar daughter is slowly breaking out of the typical Duggar daughter stereotype making a way for herself in a business that has previously been reserved for the Duggar men. Does it surprise you that Jinger Duggar is working with the Duggar boys? Do you think Jinger will go on to continue to break the standard mold of women in the Duggar family by starting her own business and stepping back from childcare duties? What do you think about TLC choosing to call Jinger’s entrance into the Duggar brothers’ auto flipping business a “hobby?”

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