Easter Treats & Snacks: Easy Recipe Ideas And Last-Minute Favorites, From Homemade Cadbury Eggs To Easter Egg Pancakes

Easter is a great time for whipping up some amazing treats and desserts, and you don’t have to be Martha Stewart to come up with some crowd-pleasing recipes.

There are plenty of tasty, easy and cost-conscious Easter treat ideas, including many that can be whipped up at the last minute. Here are some of the favorites:

Homemade Cadbury Eggs

Here's a recipe to make your own Cadbury Eggs.
Cadbury Eggs are an Easter favorite, and this DIY & Crafts recipe will help you make your very own.

DIY & Crafts explains that, with this Easter treat recipe in hand, you don’t have to wait for the seasonal favorites to make their way back to the shelves.

“Who doesn’t just absolutely adore Cadbury Crème Eggs? The bad thing is that these are usually only available around Easter. While you are certainly going to want to make these for Easter, it will be great to have the recipe on hand so that you can whip up a batch anytime you get the craving for one (you know, when the stores don’t have them in stock any longer). The recipe is so easy to do and makes about 15 eggs depending on how large or small you want them.”

The full recipe can be found at Not Without Salt.

Easter Egg Pancakes (And More)

The popular vlogger and beauty guru Kayli has recipes for Easter egg pancakes, which are a great pick for Easter morning breakfast. It calls for some food coloring, pancake batter, and some plastic condiment bottles for squeezing out the colorful batter.

The cool thing about this Easter treat recipe is that it’s easy to pull together with essentially no notice.

She also has a recipe for Rice Krispie Treat nests.

Mini Pastel Meringues, Creme Egg Pastries

Here are some more ambitious Easter treat ideas from British vlogger Zoella, including mini pastel meringues. There is a bit of an extra challenge for American viewers, as she gives instructions in the British measurements, but there is an easy guide here to convert it all.

Carrot Cake Monkey Bread

Carrot Cake Monkey Bread
This is a recipe from Pillsbury, another great one to add for Easter breakfast or brunch. This recipe calls for two cans of Pillsbury Grands honey butter biscuits, along with crushed pineapple, chipped pecans, and of course shaved carrots. It’s a great twist on a favorite breakfast comfort food, and it takes just about an hour in total to make.

Full instructions for the carrot cake monkey bread can be found here.

Ice Cream Cone Baskets

Here's a cool recipe for ice cream cone easter baskets

Here’s another idea from DIY & Crafts that you can probably compete with the candy you’ve already got laying around the house. This is a simple idea and a fun one to share with kids.

“Ice cream cones, jelly beans and licorice make the most adorable little Easter baskets. You can fill these with whatever small candies you want but the jelly beans are colorful and look great. The handle is made from licorice and each basket takes only minutes to create. These are great for Easter parties or egg hunts when you want something cute and easy to give out as favors. You could also fill the baskets with green colored coconut for grass before you put in the candies if you like.

More Easter treat ideas

Anyone who wants to check out more great ideas for Easter treats can turn to Pillsbury, which has 50 of them. DIY & Crafts has a bunch more.

[Image via YouTube/Zoella]