New ‘Counting On’ Reveals ‘Duggar Who’s Spent The Most Time In Prison’ And Jinger’s New Job

Which member of the Duggar family has spent the most time in prison? John David Duggar announces in the newest First Look video for the Jill and Jessa: Counting On series that it’s his sister Jinger. That is to say, Jinger is really passionate about volunteering at the juvenile detention center and spends a lot of time there.

The focal point of the episode, though, is Jinger Duggar’s new hobby — or perhaps it could be called a job. She’s taking lessons from several of her brothers in buying and reselling used cars. Jim Bob Duggar has owned a used car lot since before he had a reality show, and several of his offspring have worked there in one capacity or another over the years.

In fact, before Josh Duggar took his job with the Family Research Council — and before the series of scandals that lost that job for him and briefly took the family’s television career away — he ran the lot, and his work there was featured on an episode of 19 Kids and Counting.

Since that news broke, the rest of the Duggar family has returned in a new show, Jill and Jessa: Counting On. It focuses largely on the rest of the adult Duggar kids. According to the Duggar Family Blog, nine of Jim Bob’s offspring (Josh, Jana, John David, Jill, Jessa, Jinger, Joseph, Josiah, and Joy-Anna) are now legally adults, and two more (twins Jeremiah and Jedidiah) will be before the end of the year.

With so many of the kids now adults, and with their reality show balancing on a thin thread as sponsors refuse to be connected to the family, it seems that more family members are branching out and seeking other sources of income.

During the show’s hiatus, Jill Dillard shared the news of her license to practice midwifery (a license disputed by some medical professionals, but legal in most states).

Jill (Duggar) Dillard, midwife

She has also been featured on the show in her new role as a missionary to South America.

As for Jim Bob Duggar’s other married daughter, Jessa, she and her husband Ben Seewald have faced criticism over their employment status, with followers saying the pair are mooching off the Duggar money, living in a house owned by Jessa’s father. According to ET, they responded to that in September, answering that Ben does indeed do odd jobs for some of the Duggar businesses but hopes to attend seminary school and find work as a preacher.

Jana Duggar has been featured in her own episode of Counting On, in which she assured viewers she had skills besides caring for babies. These include electrical work, cooking, and general home improvement projects.

The backlash against the Duggar family — not just for Josh’s crimes and indiscretions, but for their stance on LGB and transgender rights, for their child-rearing and religious practices so extreme they’ve been termed abuse by detractors, and particularly for living off a reality television income — has been immense. Online commenters call the family “grifters” — and in fact, Dillon King, husband of “Cousin Amy,” who was termed the “rebel Duggar” when she appeared on the show, has spoken out to declare that the label doesn’t fit him — but he doesn’t dispute it for the rest of the Duggar family.

I married into the Duggar family that doesn’t mean I don’t have a job…

Amy Duggar, the 'rebel' disputes 'grifter' label

It’s beginning to look as though the rest of the Duggar family — at least, the adult offspring — are using their new show to dispute the label for themselves as well, showcasing one Duggar after another demonstrating what they’ve decided to do with their lives beyond reality tv.

TLC announced the new episode Friday, calling Jinger’s auto project a “new hobby,” but it appears that one more Duggar is seeking a new way to earn an income off-screen.

[Image via TLC]