March 26, 2016
Norman Reedus 'Sky' Trailer Released - The Romance Movie Fans Have Been Waiting For!

Fans of Norman Reedus, who is most known for his role as Daryl Dixon on The Walking Dead, have been dying to see him in a role that has a little more... spice. While fans of Norman Reedus love watching him in any role, what they've really been craving is something romantic, and he's finally delivering in his new role as Diego, a sexy loner cowboy in the movie, Sky.

Reedus co-starts with Diane Krueger, who plays Romy, a woman in an abusive relationship. She and her husband, Richard (played by Gilles Lellouche), have been trying to repair their relationship via a road trip. One night, an argument gets really out of hand, and he rapes her. She then kills him and goes on the run. Her only goal is to find out where life will take her.

"I want to be free," Romy says.

Enter Norman Reedus as Diego. He's the moody cowboy that runs alone. He's sexy and dark and romantic. Their relationship has no purpose – at least none that they can think of. But maybe it does.

A.V. Club says regarding the meeting of the two characters, "California can be a dangerous place for out-of-towners. That's probably why Romy gravitates to Norman Reedus' Diego, which might be the only smart decision she makes in the entire trailer."

Norman Reedus has some great scenes in the trailer, murmuring in that husky voice.

Norman Reedus 'Sky' Trailer Released - The Romance Fans Have Been Waiting For!
[Picture via YouTube]
Norman Reedus 'Sky' Trailer Released - The Romance Fans Have Been Waiting For!
[Picture via YouTube]
Norman Reedus 'Sky' Trailer Released - The Romance Fans Have Been Waiting For!
[Picture via YouTube]Reedus, as Diego, appears out of a dark corner of the bar to offer her a drink. He asks, "What's a nice girl like you doing here all alone?"

There is plenty of flirting, romance, and sexiness for Norman Reedus fans to get excited about.

The movie has a great cast, too. Besides Norman Reedus and Diane Kruger, movie watchers can look forward to seeing some other familiar faces. Just Jared says about the cast, "Among the strangers are a small town police officer played by Diane's real-life boyfriend Joshua Jackson and a pregnant, trailer-park dwelling mother played by Lena Dunham." Joshua Jackson is Diane Kruger's husband in real life.

Other characters will be played by Lou Diamond Philips and Q'orianka Kilcher.

Sky is schedule to be released on VOD and in theaters on April 15.

Norman Reedus 'Sky' Trailer Released - The Romance Fans Have Been Waiting For!
[Photo by Jamie McCarthy/Getty Imagesfor AMC]Norman Reedus has had a lot going on in the past year or so. Besides his starring role on The Walking Dead, he has also been in the movie Air, a sci-fi thriller that was released in August of 2015. It silently came out in theaters and disappeared without anyone besides Norman Reedus fans noticing. Triple 9 has done significantly better. It was released in February of this year with a star-filled cast (Chiwetel Ejiofor, Casey Affleck, and Aaron Paul of Breaking Bad) and grossed over $12 million in its first month.

Reedus is also currently wrapping up on the filming of a reality show called Ride with Norman Reedus, which will air on AMC. Ride features Reedus riding to interesting places on his motorcycle and will feature a different celebrity in the motorcycle world in each episode. Reedus and his riding partner of the week will stop at various attractions along the way like tattoo shops and bike shops.

Some of the fans of The Walking Dead have pointed out that Norman Reedus has been very active in other projects recently and believe that this may be the reason that Daryl Dixon will die this season. However, Reedus himself has mentioned in an interview that after he finishes filming for Ride with Norman Reedus, he will be returning to The Walking Dead set. Of course, it is entirely possible that he is purposefully being misleading. This wouldn't be the first time it has happened.

[Photo by Larry Busacca/Getty Images for AMC]