WWE News: Kurt Angle Wants To Create A New ‘Team Angle’ When He Returns To WWE

Kurt Angle’s decade-long TNA run has finally come to an end, and he’s made it clear that he’s looking to make his return to WWE. But returning to the company that made him a household name hasn’t been the easiest thing for our “Olympic Hero,” mostly due to his poor decision-making and substance abuse issues that he’s dealt with since his WWE departure in 2006.

Of course, it would greatly benefit WWE to have a star like Kurt Angle on their roster. But with them being a publicly traded company, they’re very careful with who they hire, especially when a possible signee has a long track record with drugs and alcohol.

Kurt Angle WWE

After he left WWE, Angle got hit with four DUIs in five years. So, that obviously doesn’t help Angle’s chances for a WWE return. But the former WWE Champ has cleaned up his life, and he’s been completely sober for the better part of the last two years.

It’s rare for someone to leave WWE and never be able to return to the company, no matter how ugly their departure was. So, it’s pretty safe to assume that Kurt Angle will be working for WWE at some point in the future, but the question is, when will that be?

As of right now, no one knows if or when Angle will return to World Wrestling Entertainment, and it would appear that the worldwide leader in sports-entertainment isn’t interested in signing him at the moment, as they haven’t yet reached out to him. But that hasn’t stopped Angle from coming up with a few ideas for his WWE return.

Kurt Angle recently sat down with The World According To Wrestling podcast, and he was asked about working for Vince McMahon, to which he replied “I know that there will come a time where I will go back (to WWE).”

Gable and Jordan

Angle was also asked about what he’d like to do upon his seemingly inevitable WWE return, and he had a few ideas. One of them was creating a brand new Team Angle with NXT’s American Alpha tag-team (Chad Gable and Jason Jordan).

“For me to go back (to WWE) and, if I do go back I’d love to be able to wrestle, but I know I can’t do it full time. I’m 47 years-old. And that’s why those guys (Chad Gable & Jason Jordan) would be perfect as my team, like a Team Angle, because they could do the wrestling for me until the big one comes. So it would be kind of cool to have that. I’m not going to say those guys are going to be my guys, but they’re almost ready to come up – if not they are ready.”

Angle added that he would probably wrestle on RAW every now and then, but he would primarily want to wrestle on WWE’s biggest shows, like SummerSlam, Royal Rumble, and WrestleMania. But, he would appear on WWE television almost every week along with his new Team Angle.

It’s easy to see why Kurt Angle would want to form a new Team Angle with Jason Jordan and Chad Gable — the two are very similar to Charlie Haas and Shelton Benjamin, who were the original members of Team Angle back in 2003, and they also, much like Haas and Benjamin, have very accomplished amateur wrestling backgrounds. So they’d be a perfect fit with Angle.

Also, when it comes time to break up the new Team Angle, they would both be great opponents for Kurt Angle. So, it does seem like the ideal scenario for our “Olympic Hero” whenever he does return to WWE.

(Image via Evan Agostini / Getty Images)