Betty White Being Sued By Former Live-In Maid

Former Golden Girl Betty White, 94, is being sued by her maid and caretaker of more than 20 years over unpaid wages, unpaid vacation pay, unpaid overtime, and lack of breaks. Anita Maynard, a Los Angeles resident, says that she worked six days a week on 14 hour-a-day shifts for Ms. White but was never paid overtime. She also claims that she was never given accurate wage statements during the time that she was in Ms. White’s employ, from February 23, 1994 until March 11, 2016.

According to Yahoo News, Maynard was a live-in domestic worker. The former employee also stated in her lawsuit that she was paid less than California minimum wage for the work that she performed.

Fox 8 reports that the lawsuit is not clear about the specific work that Maynard performed for White, but she is asking for wages owed, penalties and restitution, and attorney’s fees.

Maynard does state, however, that she was not a “personal attendant,” writes The Hollywood Reporter.

“… was not a personal attendant because she spent more than 20 percent of her time performing work other than feeding and dressing a person who needs supervision.”

Betty White is most famous for her role as Rose on the TV series The Golden Girls more than 30 years ago. She is the show’s last living cast member. Betty’s first TV appearance was on Hollywood On Television in 1949, and she also co-starred on The Mary Tyler Moore Show. She was nominated for an Emmy for her work on Hot in Cleveland in 2011 and has also won a Screen Actors Guild award. She has been nominated for 18 Emmys over the course of her life and has won six of those nominations.

White’s representative issued a statement to People Magazine on her behalf.

“Betty has worked with thousands of people over the years and no one has ever had anything but positive things to say about her. She’s someone who is kind to everyone she meets and remains focused on making others happy.”

Most fans are not familiar with the fact that in addition to her acting skills that White is also an animal rights activist, a radio host, author, and a singer. By Wikipedia’s report, she is the first woman to ever produce a sitcom. Her professional acting career has spanned over 75 years.

White married three times over the course of her life and divorced her first two husbands. Her last husband, Allen Ludden, passed away due to stomach cancer in 1981, and she never remarried after that. During an interview with Larry King, he asked her if she would ever take another husband, to which she made a direct reply.

“Once you’ve had the best, who needs the rest?”

She has no children but is stepmother to Ludden’s three children from a prior marriage.

Upon graduating from high school, Betty’s original career aspiration was to become a forest ranger. Since women weren’t allowed to become rangers during that period in time, she instead decided to try her hand at writing. She wrote and played the lead in a high school graduation play, and it was from there that her love of acting was born.

White is still active in her 90’s and makes frequent guest appearances on talk shows, movies, TV series, and commercials. She is known for her youthful spirit and sassy persona, most recently appearing in a pre-Super Bowl ad where she was seen doing “the dab,” a semi-dance move made popular by football legend Cam Newton of the Carolina Panthers.

The first news of the complaint filed against Betty White was made public by BuzzFeed News.

[Photo by Joe Scarnici/Getty Images]