Stassi Schroeder Reveals James Kennedy’s Mom ‘Robbed A Bank’ And Stole From Kristen Doute

Stassi Schroeder speaks out and reveals a lot on her podcast, and now she is sharing something pretty shocking about James Kennedy’s mom. If you watch the show Vanderpump Rules, then you have got the chance to see James Kennedy’s mom. She is actually friends with Lisa Vanderpump and went to her to help get James a job at SUR. Now Stassi Schroeder is sharing some pretty shocking stuff about her. Reality Tea shared what Stassi had to say about his mom that surprised everyone.

On Stassi’s podcast, she really opened up about everything, including the fact that she has stopped using Xanax and is now using pot instead to help herself sleep. Stassi Schroeder then went on to talk about James’ mom, and the things she has to say are pretty surprising. Here is what she revealed about her.

“Well, she robbed a bank! I don’t know if I’m allowed to say this. She robbed a bank and she stole money from Kristen and it was like a huge deal. I don’t want to know too many details because of reasons like this, I have to say them on a podcast. So just don’t tell me. She might be my hero.”

After that, Stassi Schroeder explained that it doesn’t seem like it was exactly robbing because James’ mom did work at that bank. Stassi doesn’t seem to know the details exactly on how it all went down though. Now everyone is really hoping that James Kennedy or his mom will share the real story. This would be a pretty interesting one.

But In Reality shared the details of how James Kennedy’s mom allegedly stole from Kristen Doute. When Kristen was on Heather McDonald’s podcast, she revealed what went down. Kristen told Heather not to get her started on James’ mom. Kristen revealed that James’ mom actually stole her credit card and then went and got Botox done with it. Kristen figured it out when she got on her credit card account and saw the charge.

The spa actually revealed that Jacqueline Georgiou, which is James’ mom, went into the spa and said her sister Kristen wanted to buy the Botox for her, then paid with her card. It was a $400 charge and Kristen was able to get it back from her without having to file charges.

Stassi did also share that she feels like LaLa Kent got the best edit ever on Vanderpump Rules. Nobody knows it but Stassi even shared that LaLa pulled a knife on Faith this season on the show, but that didn’t make it to the air. There is a lot that is filmed for the show but doesn’t air, and Stassi Schroeder made it seem like she thinks everyone should have gotten the chance to see that Lala did this to Faith. Stassi seems to think that LaLa got a great edit because they do need some people on the show who are actually working at the restaurant. Stassi and others have moved on to do other things since working at SUR. Stassi Schroeder doesn’t work there at all anymore.

What do you think about what Stassi Schroeder had to share about James Kennedy’s mom? Do you feel like she really did rob a bank? Sound off in the comments section below on your thoughts, and don’t miss new episodes of Vanderpump Rules on Monday nights on Bravo. This season has been full of drama and now they are just down to the reunion shows.

[Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images]