Kendall Jenner Joins Snapchat — See Her First Snaps!

Kendall Jenner has officially become the latest member of the Kardashian/Jenner family to join snapchat.

Kendall Jenner is following in the footsteps of big sister Kim Kardashian, who just joined the video messaging app earlier this month and will be sharing an inside look at her life with fans via the social media platform.

Kylie Jenner previously announced that her sister would be giving fans a behind-the-scenes look at her life through the app on March 24, revealing that Kendall’s snapchat name would be “@KenJen.”

But it turns out that Kendall wasn’t too pleased with the name Kylie supposedly chose for her, and instead took to Twitter to reveal to her more than 24 million followers that she would be changing her Snapchat username to something a little more lengthy.

still not over it ???? #kendalljenner @kendalljenner

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“Wait wait wait! changing my username on snap!” Jenner wrote, telling her followers that she was “getting it set up now :) keep y’all posted.”

Jenner then wasted no time in revealing her official Snapchat name to the world, writing in a tweet shortly afterwards, “snapchat: kendalljenner.”

Kendall Jenner has certainly wasted no time in snapping away pictures and video to show off to her fans on the app since joining just yesterday, and as captured by Instagram user @kjennersnapchat, Jenner has already been giving her Snapchat followers a glimpse into her glamorous life.

In the first 24 hours of her Snapchat life, Kendall has posted a slew of snaps and videos to the app, including a behind-the-scenes look at the recent Kendall + Kylie Nordstrom event, selfies with a number of classic cars and even a selfie using the uber-popular puppy filter.

???????? #kendalljenner @kendelljennar

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Kendall opened up about her decision to join the popular app in a new interview with E! News earlier this week, where she confessed that she’s actually been turning to her younger sister for a little help using the photo and video sharing platform.

“I have to throw her into [my first snap] to use her a little bit to get more,” Kendall revealed of how she’s planning on becoming as popular on the social media app as Kylie, joking that she needs “some promotion” when it comes to Snapchat.

But while it appears that Kylie Jenner would be more than happy to help Kendall with a few tips and tricks on the app, Kylie joked during the new interview that her sisters were all trying to dethrone her as the “Queen of Snapchat” after Kendall, Kim and Kourtney all recently joined her on the app.

“They’re all trying to steal my throne,” Kylie joked in the new interview, though Kendall admitted that pushing out the youngest Kardashian/Jenner sibling would be “pretty much impossible.”

lol @kendalljenner #kendalljenner

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As Kendall Jenner turns to her younger sister for a little Snapchat help, it turns out that Kendall isn’t actually the only member of the Jenner/Kardashian clan to look to Kylie for a little inspiration.

According to Hollywood Life, Kim has also been looking to Jenner for a little advice lately, particularly when it comes to her successful make-up line.

A source who spoke to the site earlier this week said that Kim “recently visited Kylie’s lip kit factory to see how she is doing things and to get some tips from the younger sister,” and even confessed that “the tables have turned” between the sisters as “the student is now the teacher.”

“Kylie loves all the attention she is gets on social media and feels like her sisters had their era in the spotlight and now it’s her time,” Hollywood Life‘s insider continued. “Kim recognizes how successful Kylie is becoming and she is taking clues from Kylie. It is not just in beauty but in social media too. Kylie was the first to jump on Snapchat and now Kim [is] following her lead.”

Will you be adding Kendall Jenner on Snapchat?

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