Amanda Bynes Snubbed By ‘All That’ Reunion, Says ‘I Wasn’t Invited’

You know when kids are not invited to a party and they say that they wouldn’t have gone anyway? That’s now the situation with Amanda Bynes and the All That reunion. Bynes reportedly found out that the Nickelodeon show was having a reunion after seeing the trailer.

TMZ is reporting that Amanda Bynes didn’t receive an invitation to the All That reunion. Not only was Bynes not invited, but the producers of All That didn’t even bother to give her a heads up that it was happening. Bynes went from All That to host The Amanda Show for Nickelodeon, but it seems the network has decided to distance themselves from Bynes and the drama she brought over the last few years.

But now Bynes says that it is no big deal, because she would have said no anyway. She has left acting behind, and she is now all about fashion. It is being reported that the All That reunion will not include any new material and will just be a true reunion of reminiscing. The All That reunion will include Kenan Thompson, Kel Mitchell, Danny Tamberelli, Lori Beth Denberg, and Josh Server.

Complex is saying that Amanda Bynes’ serious decline starting in 2012 has made her poison in the industry, even though she claims she wants no part of it. It is said she hit many peaks and valleys. First, she would get into legal trouble, rant in public about Hitler, and then she would get some treatment, saying that she was recovering and doing better.

Fans of Amanda Bynes knew they were watching a slow crash with no ability to intervene. Bynes was undeniably talented, but the stories from her personal life were looming much larger than anything in her professional life, which was circling the drain because of the headlines. What had started as a way for Bynes to move away from her Nickelodeon children’s television image was starting to look frightening to fans.

Rumors that Bynes was paranoid and fearful were coming out from the set. It was also said that Bynes was unprepared and didn’t know her lines. Then came the public rants about Hitler, the traffic violations (Bynes was in seven accidents in one year), and the public statements about how she hated ugly people. Then came the infamous Amanda Bynes Twitter rants, where she singled out celebrities like Rihanna.

“Chris Brown beat you because you’re not pretty enough,” she once wrote.

Bynes started appearing in public seemingly in costume, with wigs and sunglasses. In and out of court, Bynes parents fought to have her committed, or at least evaluated at length. Bynes was diagnosed as bipolar and manic depressive, and Amanda Bynes’ parents were finally able to get a conservatorship,and take over all of her affairs.

KOMO News is saying that Amanda Bynes is feeling better and is ready to get back onto the dating scene. Bynes is still under the conservatorship of her mother, Lynne Bynes, but is ready to regain some of her independence. Amanda Bynes is reluctant, though, because her past relationships, like that with Kid Cudi, ended so badly.

Do you think it’s odd that nobody even told Amanda Bynes about the All That reunion?

[Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty Images]