Angelina Jolie And George Clooney Under Fire: 'All Talk' On Refugee Crisis, Own 8 Houses Between Them, House No Refugees

Angelina Jolie, an actress known for her tough girl personas in movies like Mr. and Mrs. Smith and Tomb Raider, is one Hollywood's most glamorous celebrities. And together with her husband, Brad Pitt, they became known as one of Hollywood's most beautiful and powerful couples. According to Design & Trend, the lovely couple currently resides in the UK and will reside there for the next six months.

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt were recently spotted buying toys for their children in Surrey, England. The reason the couple and their family currently reside there is due to Brad Pitt filming the sequel to zombie flick World War Z. Although they both lead busy celebrity lives, Angelina Jolie and her husband seem to agree that their most important role is to raise confident children in a happy home.

Angelina Jolie spoke on her goals for her children.

"As a parent, you want to create a safe, happy environment where your children feel loved and secure, it builds their self-confidence and that's going to help them deal with the problems they'll face later in life."
Angelina Jolie spoke on how she talks to her children and what she talks to them about.
"I'm very honest with them and I often talk to them about serious issues, so they're not scared by things they don't understand. I want them to be able to explore their own imaginations. Brad and I want them to grow up ready to deal with the real world and know that we'll always be there to support them."
Their new, albeit temporary, life in the U.K. is not just because of Brad Pitt's busy schedule, however, as Angelina Jolie's been pretty busy too. While Brad is off filming his new upcoming blockbuster, Angelina has been working on humanitarian projects for the United Nations. According to the San Francisco Chronicle, Angelina Jolie has been working with the United Nations as a Special Envoy of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees.

Her work with the United Nations sends her around the world, most recently to Greece. According to Just Jared, Angelina Jolie was recently seen in the company of Greek Prime Minister, Alexis Tsipras.

On the same day that Angelina was seen with the Greek Prime Minister, she was spending time in a refugee camp taking care of some children. Angelina Jolie wanted to visit Greece in hopes of reinforcing efforts of the government towards better emergency responses for the humanitarian situation.

Angelina Jolie and George Clooney have directed so much of their care and efforts into the refugee situation that Angelina Jolie held a press conference at a refugee camp, in tears, while George Clooney was filmed with some of the migrants. According to Daily Mail, the duo have come under fire recently as, although they publicly advocate refugee rights, between the pair of them, they own eight houses that could easily provide shelter for refugees across the world.

Angelina Jolie spoke on her take on the problem with the treatment of refugees.
"We cannot manage the world through aid relief in the place of diplomacy and political solutions, tragic and shameful that we seem to be so far from that point."
Despite her big achievements as an actress and a humanitarian, Angelina Jolie still excels the most in being a mother. She gives nothing to her kids but the freedom of the world and the freedom of choice.

Angelina Jolie spoke on what she wants for her children.

"I'm hoping that when they see all the other things in the world, they'll be inspired to be writers, politicians, activists, they're very individual people. So, I imagine they're not going to follow their mom and dad."
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