Rihanna’s Opening Concert Ran Short At 90 Minutes And Lacked Guest Vocals

Rihanna has kicked off her Anti Tour on Saturday, according to Entertainment Weekly. And it went rather well despite the fact that it’s been a while since the “Work” singer has been on tour.

Rihanna started her Saturday performance in Jacksonville by welcoming her fans and proclaiming that “Y’all get to see this sh*t before anyone!” And the Barbadian superstar is right, Jacksonville is the singer’s first stop on the ANTI tour. But that’s only because Rihanna cancelled as many as seven cities due to production delays.

“And I know y’all really have to love this sh*t to spend money on this sh*t.”

So, was Rihanna’s first Anti Tour performance worth the money her fans spent on it? Let’s refer to Entertainment Weekly‘s review of the singer’s Anti Tour kickoff.

Rihanna started her Jacksonville performance by boasting her stunning vocals in “Smash” from her Unapologetic album released in 2012. But here’s the problem: the performance lacked Mikky Ekko’s guest vocals.

But that’s the problem with Rihanna’s kickoff show – it was a one-person evening with no guest vocals. Even Drake didn’t join Rihanna for her kickoff performance in Jacksonville. And her fans still cannot forget how intimate Drake and Rihanna got during their performance of their hit song “Whats My Name?” during the 2011 Grammys.

However, there was one important takeaway from Rihanna’s live performance of “Work”: the lyrics are as hard to sing along to when performed live as they are in the studio version. But Rihanna seemed to have no problem singing all those “u ah guh” and “Mi nuh cyar” live (whatever that means).

But the fans made it look like they knew the lyrics just fine, murmuring through the lyrics and joining in for the “work, work, work, work, work” part. And that’s because Rihanna’s fans were saving their energy for later, especially for her performances of hit songs “Umbrella” and “Man Down.”

Before her performance of “Four Five Seconds” (which in the studio version is performed with rapper Kanye West and English musician Paul McCartney) Rihanna said that she wanted a break.

“We want break. We want vent. We want four, five seconds to blow the f*** off. Who wants to vent with me?”

But the most hilarious moment was when Rihanna asked for a water break because she was “thirsty.” But she immediately clarified that she wasn’t “thirsty like that,” she was “like actual thirsty.”

Entertainment Weekly noted that despite the fact that the show featured a rather long list of Rih Rih’s biggest hits, the entire Anti Tour kickoff show was less than 90 minutes long. It also seemed like Rihanna was in a hurry to get it over with as soon as possible, as the Barbadian singer moved from one song to another with little to no pauses at all.

Before ending the show in Jacksonville, Rihanna said that this is “the sad part” of the show “when you know it’s almost over,” and then started singing her “Kiss It Better” song from the latest album ANTI.

The Guardian has recently put together a list of reasons to love Rihanna. That list includes, apart from her “flawless vocals” and the fact that she’s “great” at “being fabulous,” her tattoos. In particular her under-breast body art of the goddess Isis.

The news source also adds that Rihanna is “stunning,” and is like a “cat you desperately need to like you, and she moves like one, too.” The article also praises Rihanna’s nails, which are always long and manicured, while her top lip always looks like it’s about to curl “into a pretty-girl sneer or smile.”

[Photo by Luca Teuchmann / Getty Images]