Leah Messer Tells Fans ‘My Girls Scream To Be With Me’ As Corey Simms Wins Primary Custody On ‘Teen Mom 2’

Leah Messer and Corey Simms are at war on the currently airing season of Teen Mom 2, which began production at the end of last year. Next week, Leah Messer will be seen losing primary custody of her twin 6-year-old girls, Ali and Aleeah.

During Monday night’s premiere episode of Teen Mom 2, Leah Messer was seen struggling to wake up to take her daughters to school and was later accused of failing to feed them by her daughter Aleeah. However, online, after the show aired, Leah Messer had plenty of excuses as to why her parenting appeared to be lacking.

As the Ashley’s Reality Roundup reported on March 23, Leah Messer claimed her daughters didn’t go hungry that morning. Instead, she insisted they ate when they got to school. But, as the outlet pointed out, Leah Messer didn’t explain how they were able to eat before school, as they arrived just as the bell was ringing. Leah Messer then defended her texting and driving, claiming she doesn’t always do so.

Also on Monday night, Leah Messer was seen opening a Sweet & Low packet for her youngest daughter, 3-year-old Adalynn, who then guzzled the sugar substitute. Again, Leah Messer claimed to fans that she did nothing wrong.

Fans have been generally outraged by the ongoing antics of Leah Messer, which led up to her October 2015 custody loss. All the while, Leah Messer has insisted she is a “great mom.”

Despite Leah Messer’s frequent social media posts regarding her love for her children, and her parental and on-screen behavior has led to concern among fans.

“People who have to constantly remind others what a ‘great mom’ they are, usually aren’t!” one Twitter user wrote in response to the message above.

Others suggested Leah Messer get help for what she claims is anxiety and depression, while others, including People Magazine, have noted as an addiction to prescription pills (Leah Messer completed a 30-day program in treatment last year).

“You’ve always been a good mom, but it’s obvious something is going on, get better for you so your girls have you,” a fan suggested.

“You gotta do it for yourself, ultimately knowing at the end your girls will have their mom,” added another.

Some fans were more brutal with Leah Messer, claiming she was “obviously on the wrong meds or on drugs” and neglecting her children. One also slammed the 23-year-old for smoking with her children in the car.

On next week’s episode of the show, Leah Messer’s ex-husband, Corey Simms, will be seen reacting to news that he’s been named as the twins’ primary custodian after initially filing for custody one year prior. In a sneak peek at the new episode, shared by Us Weekly, Simms tears up after a long fight for the twins.

“It’s amazing. We’ve fought for so long. I mean, it’s hard to hold back the emotions,” he said. “I really didn’t expect it, you know? But for the girls’ sake, I’m tickled pink that it happened.”

For more Leah Messer, tune into Teen Mom 2 Season 7, airing every Monday night at 10 p.m. on MTV, and check out a sneak peek at next week’s episode below.

[Image via Leah Messer/Facebook]