Charlie Sheen Prepares For First Legitimate Project Since HIV Announcement

Charlie Sheen, whose disturbed personal life eclipsed his acting career, will co-star with Whoopie Goldberg in a movie titled Nine Eleven based on the 9/11 terrorist attacks on the World Trade Centre, as reported by the New York Times.

Cinema Blend further reports that the movie is about the struggle and survival of five people trapped in an elevator at the World Trade Center on the fateful day.

The film is Charlie Sheen's first project since announcing that he is HIV positive. Although his HIV status has only recently been revealed, the actor has faced a variety of challenges and struggles throughout his life. Charlie Sheen has had a tumultuous time in the spotlight, including substance abuse, relationship, and legal struggles. His upcoming movie might show him playing the role of a character who is trapped in an elevator and fighting against impossible odds. However, in real life, his doctor is urging him to come out of the drug abuse trap, which can make you the prisoner of your own mind.

Drugs are known for their damaging effects on the immune system and the overall health of the body. It means that someone who contracts HIV can speed up the damage that the virus causes by continuing to use drugs on a frequent basis. Under these circumstances, the patient with the HIV infection tends to develop AIDS earlier than the estimated period of 10 years.

Even since his Hollywood debut, Charlie Sheen has been drawing media attention for his public statements and reports of domestic violence. Charlie's outbursts and actions can easily be attributed to his drug addiction. A closer look at his life reveals that substance abuse has been responsible for getting him into a lot of trouble and hardships. He has been in and out of rehabilitation programs for a long time now. However, reports reveal that, like any other drug addict, his efforts to get his life and career back together have never been easy.

Relapsing back into addiction is common for every drug addict, and it requires more than willpower to come out of the vicious cycle. Typically, a drug addict sets mental traps for themselves without even realizing it. Experimentation with drugs begins by searching for a positive effect, which helps them to cope with the feelings of inadequacy, poor self-image, and the tensions of day-to-day life. The addict desires to overcome their guilt by experiencing elevated feelings, and it is this craving that re-stimulates the addicted person to try the drug once more. People trapped in this cycle of addiction break relationships, squander finances, lose jobs, and neglect children. The addicted brain becomes a battleground between thoughts of addiction and recovery.

A successful recovery from drug addiction is achieved by spotting and obtaining freedom from the deadly mental traps of guilt, depression, and craving. However, many people in the recovery stage tend to relapse because not enough attention is paid to these crucial areas. Unfortunately, society supports the illusion that happiness can be realized through a product or some other form of outside activity such as using drugs. A significant level of public awareness is required to work towards resolving this problem, and celebrities like Charlie Sheen can make a huge impact in driving the awareness campaigns to success.

Recently, CNN highlighted that celebrities like Charlie Sheen can play a significant role in bringing attention to little-discussed diseases. In fact, Charlie has a great opportunity to contribute to the awareness campaigns, as there is a lack of information even on fundamental topics like basic sex education. The actor's announcement of being HIV positive was also connected to the most Google searches on HIV ever recorded in the United States. According to CNN, 25 million of those searches were directly relevant to public health outcomes because they included search terms for condoms, HIV symptoms, or HIV testing.

Additionally, it is reported that Charlie Sheen has appealed to people to stay away from unlicensed doctors offering miracle cures on devastating diseases. Charlie also announced that he will volunteer to participate in the clinical trial on an HIV drug created by a Vancouver-based company. He isn't the first celebrity to increase awareness about HIV, but it is the first time that researchers are able to see the tremendous impact that a celebrity like Charlie Sheen's declaration had on the public. People are curious to learn about life-threatening conditions, and the "celebrity effect" can enable them to find their way to useful and accurate sources of information. HIV support groups have high hopes from Charlie Sheen as they feel that he can create a big difference by working with health organizations to convey the right message with the right vision.

[Photo by Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images]