Katt Williams ‘TMZ’ Fight Video: Kid Not Suing For $100 Million — But Williams Says 7th Grader Threatened Him [Full New Video]

Katt Williams is all over the news once more because of the fight video, wherein Katt can be seen punching a boy, an alleged 7th grader, as reported by the Inquisitr. Katt was already in trouble due to a string of prior instances accusing Williams of fighting other people. One of the most recent and disturbing instances are the charges levied against Katt in the lawsuit by Jamila Majesty, an actress who claims that Williams and women with him in his home burned her face and beat her as she witnessed a wiccan witchcraft book in Katt’s home — along with a sweet and strange-smelling fire.

Now, a new and longer video from TMZ, as seen below, shows what happened when the 7th grader — reportedly named Luke — got all up in Katt’s face prior to the beatdown. The boy can be seen approaching Katt, telling Williams to get up, as if goading Katt into a fight. Once Katt gets up, it’s all over with, warn the others. Williams takes heat from the boy, who says that he thought Katt was real funny before. Williams says that he believes the boy will have acne until he’s 26-years-old.

From the fuller video, it appears as if the boy is trying to coax Katt into a fight. Williams warns the boy that he’s already been in trouble with the police. Nevertheless, Katt eventually stands, punches the boy, and tells the “little boy” to get out of his face.

As reported by TMZ, the new and longer Katt fight video shows Williams from a different vantage point, with better audio and more video footage showing the full fight. It also shows what happened immediately prior to the fight. Katt was outside of Atlanta at a soccer match, and the new video shows some people urging Katt to beat the boy up. Voices can be heard coaxing Katt into beating up the boy, with folks blaming the boy for getting aggressive and “all up in Katt’s face” in Gainesville, Georgia.

Katt can be seen tussling on the ground with the boy, who eventually puts Williams in a chokehold as the fight is broken up.

TMZ notes how initial videos didn’t show the full interaction between Katt and the boy — with the new TMZ video, which TMZ likely paid a pretty penny to acquire — shows more of the child talking to Katt. The kid reportedly said Katt was talking big stuff — and that’s why the kid commanded Katt to stand up.

Other teens or children in the video can be heard saying that the kid who fought Katt would be in trouble when Suge Knight showed up.

Meanwhile, TMZ reports that police are looking into the Katt fight video incident. They note how Katt’s hair appears before and after the punch. But the child says Katt punched him first.

And while TMZ World News reports that the kid is suing Katt for $100 million for the fight seen in the video, Lead Stories reports that the Katt lawsuit for $100 million is a fake story.

“Katt Williams is being sued by the 15-year old that he sucker punched then got man handled by. Jeffery Jones and his attorney have filed a lawsuit in court over Katt Williams assaulting him. They are asking for $100 Million in damages. This is a clear case of Katt Williams using his celebrity status to bully and assault a minor, we would like to send a strong message that this will not be tolerated.”

TMZ notes a punch might’ve happened off-camera, not shown on video.

According to Lead Stories, the hoax $100 million lawsuit story has received nearly 40,000 Facebook likes.

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[Photo by Hall County Sheriff’s Office/AP Photo]