Yolanda Foster Most ‘Manipulative’ On ‘Real Housewives,’ Exploiting Lyme Disease, Says Lisa Rinna: David Foster Reacts

If Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills (RHOBH) awards were given in various categories, there’s no lack of contenders for Most Dramatic or Most Dripping with Diamonds. And according to RHOBH star Lisa Rinna, the winner of the Most Manipulative title belongs to Yolanda Foster, reported People.

Rinna made the accusation during a discussion with Eileen Davidson as they were walking on the beach. And although that sounds like a peaceful environment, Lisa apparently wasn’t feeling very peaceful when it came to her feelings about Yolanda.

Yolanda Foster manipulative?
Yolanda Foster manipulative? [Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images]

“I think [Foster is] more manipulative than anybody,” proclaimed Rinna.

Why is Lisa picking on Yolanda? Among her accusations are that Foster has time management problems and is exploiting her Lyme disease in order to get extra privileges. Moreover, Rinna recalled the gossip regarding claims that Yolanda has Munchausen syndrome.

“Painted into a corner [by Foster’s Lyme disease],” complained Lisa of her situation.

Eileen disagreed while confessing that when it came to Yolanda, she allows Foster extra privileges and forgiveness precisely because of her Lyme disease.

“No one else has to agree with me at all,” declared Rinna.

And it doesn’t end there when it comes to how Lisa, 52, feels about Foster, pointed out the Daily Mail.

On that episode of The Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills, Rinna shared that she feels every star on the reality TV show is being “manipulated” by Yolanda because of her Lyme disease.

Yolanda Foster poses on red carpet at Victoria's Secret Fashion Show.
Yolanda Foster poses on red carpet at Victoria's Secret Fashion Show. [Photo by Mike Coppola/Getty Images for Victoria's Secret]

“I believe she is sick, but I think we are being painted into a corner because of that sickness,” argued Lisa.

Rinna noted that although Foster had emphasized she’s not seeking pity, she feels that Yolanda is exploiting her illness deliberately to get people to feel sorry for her.

“I just feel like maybe she uses that sickness to her advantage in a lot of ways. Get a lot of sympathy. And I know that she doesn’t want a lot of pity – but boy,” exclaimed Lisa.

Moreover, Rinna questioned whether there is something wrong with Foster emotionally as well as physically.

“Nobody doubts that she is not well, however, but I think that there is a component of her head not connecting to her heart and there is something emotionally going on that is not being dealt with,” she added.

As for runners-up for the most manipulative awards, Lisa complained about Lisa Vanderpump as well.

“I really tried to be Lisa’s cheerleader, because I love her in so many ways, but she really has done some things and I want to be honest about it now because I feel like I was protecting her and I’ve been protecting her,” revealed Rinna. “I do think that Lisa’s been manipulative, but I think a lot of people have been manipulative.”

Lisa Rinna isn’t the only one discussing Yolanda Foster behind her back. In addition, Yolanda’s ex David Foster was filmed contemplating his relationship with Foster. The scene was filmed prior to the announcement that David and Yolanda had split, noted People.

During the discussion about Yolanda, Foster was chatting with a pal, Tom. Neither seemed aware that the camera was rolling and their sound bites were being captured.

“Are you feeling better?” questioned Tom.

“A little, yeah. It’s been a stretch,” Foster answered.

Tom urged that David should seek a way to have his life return to the “way it was” when he and Yolanda first became a couple. But Foster indicated he felt hopeless about the possibility.

And Yolanda herself admitted that having Lyme disease had changed their relationship.

“You know, David has lost his wingman,” pointed out the RHOBH star. “He married a woman that was a social butterfly, always out, and doing and doing… and then all of a sudden, I got sick. And you know, [I’m] the shell of the woman I used to be. Yes, he gets impatient. We’ve been trying to work through all the ups and downs. This is my journey, but unfortunately, it’s out of my control.”

The announcement that they were divorcing came two months after that scene was filmed.

[Photo by Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images for Global Lyme Alliance]