Harry Styles And Kendall Jenner: The Tiresome Charade Continues

Harry Styles is dating Kendall Jenner, or so some sections of the media will have you believe. Rumors about One Direction star Styles’ relationship with Jenner are being recycled with monotonous regularity. Most One Direction fans see the continuous linking of Styles with some model or other as tiresome, tedious, and frankly downright demeaning. The latest spate of Harry and Kendall rumors surfaced around New Year, when Styles and Jenner met up on the Azoff family yacht off the Caribbean island of St Barts. For the few days that Kendall was onboard, we were flooded with photographs of Harry and Kendall “canoodling.”

Strangely, once Kendall and her mother left, no further pictures of Harry emerged. The fact that all the pictures that hit the public domain were from Splash, a company that works closely with the Jenner and Kardashian clan, raised suspicion that Harry and Kendall’s “romance” was no more than a publicity stunt. As previously reported in The Inquisitr the claims of a new romance between Styles and Jenner emerged just as claims emerged that Kendall is lesbian.


The fact is that Kendall and Harry have not actually been seen together since New Year, although the Daily Mail did report back in January that Kendall stormed out of Jeff Azoff’s birthday party whilst Styles was onstage sharing birthday greetings. It was widely claimed that Harry had cheated on Kendall with London Stylist Pandora Lennard.

Many Styles fans saw the whole story as yet another PR stunt and never bought the claims that Harry was dating Kendall. Last weekend the story took a dramatic turn when a series of pictures of Harry and Kendall were leaked to the internet. The pictures did not show anything that we did not already know, but it was claimed in the Sun that a One Direction fan had obtained them by hacking into Harry’s mother’s iCloud account. Of course it may be a total coincidence, but these new pictures of Harry and Kendall were released just as new rumors over Kendall’s sexuality emerged.


Whatever the truth about Jenner’s sexuality and her relationship with Harry, it seems that some sections of the media cannot mention Kendall without throwing Harry’s name into the story. The Mirror reports that Kendall “brushed off the recent Harry Styles picture drama to make her mark at a makeup launch” in New York City earlier this week.

Dan Wootton rarely misses an opportunity to mention Harry or bandmate Louis Tomlinson in his column in the Sun, and he too links Harry with Kendall when reporting on the make-up launch. Apparently Kendall put on a “brave show” three days after 30 pictures of her and Harry leaked online. Come on, seriously, the leaked pictures may have been a little embarrassing, but it is hardly life-threatening.


Of course, One Direction fans are fully aware that the entire Jenner and Kardashian empire’s life-blood is publicity. Many of Harry’s fans believe there is nothing that the family would not do for publicity. According to Unreality TV Kris Jenner has spoken about Harry and Kendall’s relationship.

“I definitely am a huge Harry Styles fan. He is a friend of one of my best friends…her son’s dear friend. We have spent some time together and he is really, really funny. He is one of the funniest guys I have ever met.

He is cute but he is so funny. He is a really great guy.”

When asked directly about the stories linking Harry and Kendall mom said “ask Kendall” and claimed she did not want to land herself in hot water. In essence, Kris told us precisely nothing about Harry and Kendall’s relationship; instead she chose to say nothing that would confirm or deny the rumors. Harry’s fans will simply shrug their shoulders and sigh, “situation normal.”

Most Styles fans don’t believe for a moment that Harry and Kendall were ever dating in any real sense, and yet this tiresome charade rolls on months after the pair were last spotted together.

[Photo by John Davisson/Invision/AP]