Ann Romney’s Horse Dances In Olympics, Mitt’s Wife Celebrates Rafalca’s Hot Moves

Ann Romney’s horse made a showing in the London Olympics yesterday, dancing his fancy little hooves off at a champagne-festooned dressage event along with several other top-level dressage horses from around the world.

Ann Romney’s horse Rafalca has indeed been mocked in recent weeks as a bit of Romney-family frippery, but per the New York Times coverage of the event, no giggles were to be heard in the very, very serious and fancy event in which very expensive horses prance about to music.

Rafalca, Ann Romney’s horse, cut a rug to crowds as they toasted the dancing steeds — although the very expensive horsie didn’t come in first, second or even third place in the ballerina horse stakes.

Alas, Rafalca only rated 13th in the dressage competition, but her rider Jan Eberling thinks that the pony moved her hooves well and should be commended.

After the horsie dancing, Eberling said:

“[Rafalca] was great… I think that was a good score… I think I had a very good ride, I’m happy with it. I think my second pirouette started out a little bit large. She jumped off the line a bit and, over all, it was great. My piaffes were really nice. And that’s something that’s really improved over the last couple of months.”

Eberling added:

“I think she’s peaking just at the right moment.”

Eberling also noticed that Ann Romney’s horse was a bit jumpy before she took the stage to display her moves, but that it wasn’t necessarily a bad thing — he explains:

“It’s better because she has more expression,” he said, “but it’s harder because it’s harder to control the horse.”

Below is a video of Ann Romney’s horse dancing a month ago — are you impressed with the creature’s dancing ability?