‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Laura Learns Key Details About Helena’s Gift, Dr. Finn Makes An Impact, And Elizabeth Confronts Hayden

There are juicy moments ahead on Wednesday’s episode of General Hospital. Spoilers share that Laura will make serious progress in uncovering the mystery surrounding the key Helena left her, and Elizabeth is doing some digging around as well. There is more of Dr. Harrison Finn on the way, and Kristina finds herself in a difficult situation as well. What can viewers expect from the March 23 show?

General Hospital spoiler previews from We Love Soaps tease that Laura will figure out something significant about the key she received during Helena’s will reading. As much as Laura tried to toss out the key and forget she ever received it, she realized she needed answers, and she apparently comes one step closer in this next episode.


As the week continues, it seems that Laura and Lulu will work together to learn more, and their efforts pay off. Scotty will be a part of this mystery as it plays out, and it has been teased that Laura will be finding herself in the midst of quite the adventure in the episodes ahead. There is General Hospital spoiler buzz swirling that the key will fit a trunk stashed away somewhere at Wyndemere, and the trunk will contain some items tied to one of her past loves. Wherever Laura is led by this key, viewers can be sure that there are juicy twists and turns in the works.

Laura isn’t the only one doing some digging around in Port Charles these days. Viewers have seen that Sam is continuing her investigation into Hayden despite Nikolas telling her to stop, and both Spinelli and Elizabeth are sniffing around Hayden and her past as well. General Hospital spoilers indicate that there is a confrontation on the way between Liz and Hayden, and teasers detail that Elizabeth is going to be doing some snooping during this next episode.

While Elizabeth is working to figure out what the book Helena left is about and how to unlock the secrets hidden away in Jake’s mind, she is also trying to uncover the truth about Hayden. General Hospital spoilers tease that as the week continues, she will learn something juicy about Hayden, and Nikolas’ new wife is seemingly going to be scrambling quite a bit to keep her stories straight and cover in place.

Kristina is said to get a surprise visitor during Wednesday’s episode, and General Hospital spoiler previews tease a big confrontation on the way with Sonny. She has told her father some of what happened with her professor, but she left out some key tidbits. Sonny has been determined to take care of what he believes was unfair treatment of his daughter at the school, and this may lead to the rest of Kristina’s secrets being exposed. Does Kristina learn that Sonny has been interfering and go into a panic?


Viewers will be seeing plenty more of Dr. Finn in this episode as well. He showed up in Port Charles ready to tackle Tracy’s case, but Obrecht pointed out that he can’t do much until he gains privileges at the medical facility. He disappeared, but viewers saw that he headed to the Metro Court to settle in for a stay in town. General Hospital spoilers detail that he meets Carly in this next show, and Tracy will be anxious to have him brought back to the hospital to continue work on her case.

Obviously, the character of Finn has an air of mystery about him, and it has not gone unnoticed that he bears quite the resemblance to someone many in Port Charles previously knew. Viewers do not know much about where things are headed with Finn in future episodes, but General Hospital spoilers have teased that there are big plans in play for this character.

What is the story behind the key that Helena left Laura? What exactly is the truth about Hayden’s past? Viewers are anxious to see how this all comes together as the chaos continues on General Hospital.

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