‘SMITE’ Getting 60 FPS Upgrade On PS4 And Xbox One

SMITE players on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One have accepted a handful of differences with their version of the game versus the PC. Hi-Rez Studios teased a welcome update coming to the console edition of the third-person MOBA in the future.

The PS4 and Xbox One currently run SMITE at 30 frames per second (fps). Hi-Rez Designer Scott Lussier teased an upgrade to 60fps via his Twitter account Tuesday. Well, he attempted to tease and then had to add a clarification.

This was followed by another Twitter post with the same video stating, “I guess my spoil wasn’t clear. Here’s my life changing SMITE console change coming soon.”

A common complaint from SMITE console players has been the 30fps lock. That will be rectified in the future. Now the question is when.

Another question is how well SMITE will hold the 60fps. The video shared by Lussier shows a single player running through the Joust map. Will the same performance hold up in a full Conquest game with 10 players, dozens of NPCs, and a larger map? A Hi-Rez Studios QA tester responded to that question in the game’s Reddit forum.

“I end up in most console playtests. We’ve definitely been doing it in conquest with full teamfights around fire giant/etc,” the tester HiRezCAPSLOCK wrote.

PlayStation 4 players that have not tried SMITE out yet now have their chance. The game just entered open beta on Sony’s console Tuesday. That means the full release is likely a month or two away.

Don’t bet on cross-play with SMITE between any of the three platforms anytime soon, however. As previously covered, Hi-Rez Studios admits that it is technically possible, but “not in [their] current plans.” The most likely reason behind the lack of console and PC cross-platform play is the advantage mouse and keyboard users would have over gamepad users. Meanwhile, Microsoft has made themselves open to cross-platform play with any system, but Sony threw cold water on the prospects of PS4 and Xbox One owners playing with each other.

SMITE (PS4, Xbox One, PC)
[Image via Hi-Rez Studios]

For those unfamiliar with SMITE, the premise is similar to leading MOBAs such as Dota 2 and League of Legends. The game features multiple pantheons of gods and deities based on Norse, Greek, Chinese, Egyptian, Roman, Mayan, and Japanese mythologies, as well as the Hindu religion.

Players will be able to choose from a selection of free rotating gods, plus they can unlock gods using currency earned in-game or purchased with real world money. Of course, the Founder’s Pack and Ultimate God Pack just unlocks all characters and is likely the single best deal available.

The primary difference between SMITE and competing MOBAs is also the reason the game works well on consoles. It utilizes a third-person, over the shoulder camera versus the top-down camera used in Dota 2 and League of Legends. It is heavy on action, and currently offers several different control schemes for console players. Hi-Rez Studios has been tweaking and adding Xbox One control schemes based on feedback from players.

SMITE (PS4, Xbox One, PC)
[Image via Hi-Rez Studios]

The game currently includes the traditional 5v5 Conquest mode with three lanes, as well as other modes of play.

Arena is a five on five open brawl that is good for starting players to get a handle on their gods and basic concepts of the game.

There’s a 3v3 Joust game mode with one lane, plus a Siege mode that features two lanes and a super minion called Siege Juggernaut that needs to be destroyed before it runs over all your team’s objectives.

Hi-Rez Studios will also host special “Match of the Day” modes that contain unique rules or modifiers for matches. The game is constantly being updated on PS4, but it is behind the PC version.

[Image via Hi-Rez Studios]