Katt Williams Fights A 7th-Grader, Gets Choked Out In 3-Part Snapchat [Full YouTube Video]

Katt Williams is in trouble once again. As reported by the Inquisitr, Katt was recently accused of engaging in Wiccan witchcraft and using a strange fire to fuel a sweet-smelling flame in his home by Jamila Majesty. Jamila is an actress who is suing Williams, alleging that Katt and several women beat her and burned her face after she dared to use Katt’s master bathroom.

Just like a recent fight video showing Katt hitting a man and then getting stomped on, Williams is back in the news because of the odd videos included below. Caught on Snapchat, with a title that spells his name “Catt” instead of “Katt,” the series of three Snapchat videos show Williams talking to kids. According to the Snapchat, these are middle-school children.

The full YouTube video of the incident is now seen below, with Katt at first seeming to talk calmly about being on the basketball court. That’s when Katt reaches out and punches a young man that people in the video call “Luke.” After the two roll around on the ground and Luke appears to have a chokehold on Williams, others urge them to stop fighting. Katt remains on the ground for a while, joking that as a community, they allowed a celebrity to get beat up.

Katt is urged to get up before the police arrive. The video doesn’t show police arriving at the scene and appears to calm down as quickly as it began. But it is troubling to see the grown man fighting a child — sucker-punching him — and perhaps poetic justice to see the child take Katt down so quickly.

The original Snapchat videos of the incident are also causing buzz online. Katt is seen punching one of the children in the first video, and then Williams gets wrapped up by the neck on the ground by the boy in the second video. In the third Snapchat video, Katt can be seen talking to someone else about the child, asking if Luke is their child.

It appears as if the world is watching the literal downfall of the man whose raunchy comedy routines eventually showed Katt alternately joking about “big d*** problems” and calling on Jesus. Williams joked about calling himself a “humble servant” when he was arrested.

The fact that Katt got his butt kicked by a teen is making the rounds, from Daily Beast‎ to other publications picking up on the strange fight video that went viral beginning Wednesday morning.

Katt’s sucker punch video has been reported by TMZ, and the above YouTube video, titled “Katt Williams Gets Choked Out By A 7th Grader | FULL FIGHT” published to YouTube early Wednesday morning, has already gained more than 800 views.

Sadly, Katt was in the area trying to do a good deed. According to TMZ, Williams punched the seventh grader after Katt was in Atlanta in the projects to give out cash. The 44-year-old Katt may have been trying to resuscitate his reputation after such a bad series of reports about the troubled comedian have hit the news.

On social media, folks are responding in kind, saying Katt really needs help.

“That Katt Williams video is not even funny! The man obviously needs help, send him to rehab & give him the help he desperately needs.”

“Only thing missing from that Katt Williams video was the kid giving Katt an atomic wedgie.”

“Katt Williams got choked out by a lil ninja. The jokes write themselves lol.”

Jamila Majesty: Katt Williams And Girls Beat Actress, Burned Her Face, Used Wiccan Witchcraft And Strange Fire

[Photo by Hall County Sheriff’s Office/AP]