‘Walking Dead’ Spoilers: Shocking Negan Finale Death Scene Revealed?

The Walking Dead Season 6 only has two more episodes left, and every fan seems to be worried about what is going to happen in the finale. According to the latest spoilers, the finale is going to be huge, as in the biggest episode of the show to date!

The Spoiling Dead Facebook page, which is known to give very accurate spoilers on The Walking Dead, reveals that they recently got some new information on Negan’s arrival and that death scene everyone is eagerly awaiting/dreading.

The page reveals that none of these spoilers are 100 percent confirmed, but that it’s looking like that could very well be accurate. What’s in store for Rick and the gang in the Walking Dead Season 6 finale?

Walking Dead spoilers: Season 6 finale brings Negan and death.
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Warning: There are some possible spoilers ahead.

Well, it looks like most of the group will be traveling in the RV and frantically trying to get a sick Maggie, who is pregnant and in pain, to the Hilltop to see the doctor, since their doctor, Denise, was shocking killed in the previous episode. The gang will run into a group of Saviors, and Rick and their leader exchange words.

Basically, Rick and the rest of his group eventually find some Saviors wearing things that belong to Daryl and Michonne. This will be explained in this week’s episode, as Walking Dead spoilers have already revealed that the two will be taken prison by some Saviors. Rick is, of course, angry and wants to save his best friend and girlfriend. Unfortunately, toward the end of the episode, Rick’s group will be cornered and taken hostage along with Daryl and Michonne.

This is when Walking Dead viewers will get their first glance at Negan. The character will make his first appearance and give a big speech about how his group and Rick’s group need to work together and that he will be killing one of them and taking half of everything they have. If Rick tries to stop him, he says he’ll take Carl’s other eye and feed it to him!

This is where the Walking Dead Season 6 finale will get really tense and interesting! Negan will go through the group one by one trying to decide who to kill. When he gets to Maggie, he’ll see that she’s in pain, and Glenn will quickly interject. Negan allegedly tells Glenn that he thought about killing Maggie to end her pain, but then keeps looking through the gang.

The Walking Dead: Who Will Negan Kill In the Season 6 Finale?
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When he finally decides who to kill, fans will see the entire thing through the victim’s eyes. Viewers won’t know which one of the group has been chosen to die at the hands of Negan and his weapon of choice, a baseball bat wrapped in barbed wire, which he calls Lucille. When Negan starts to bash the victim’s head their vision/the camera becomes blurry. Everyone around them will start screaming as Negan continues to hit the victim, and we’ll see through their point of view that they fall to the ground and after one more final hit there is a sudden fade to black and the episode is over! So, who is the victim? We won’t know. It will be one of the biggest cliffhangers ever on TV, and fans will have no idea how to process it. Seriously, we’ll be waiting for 6 months to find out who Negan’s victim is, and there will be so much speculation along the way.

Could it be Glenn as it is in The Walking Dead comic book series? Will it be Daryl as many have speculated, or could it be the show’s main character, Rick? Other names who have been included in the fold have been Abraham, Maggie, and Michonne as well, but it looks like it really could be anyone. So, settle in and get ready for the craziest episode yet when the finale airs on April 3.

What are your thoughts on the shocking possibly Walking Dead Season 6 spoilers?

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