Adele Pays Moving Tribute To Victims Of Brussels Airport Terror Attacks During London Show [Video]

Popular British singer Adele dedicated a stirring rendition of Bob Dylan’s “Make You Feel My Love” to the victims of the Brussels airport terrorist attacks during her concert at London’s O2 arena on Tuesday night.

While a video shot by a fan only shows Adele as a mere speck across the stadium, her magnificent vocals resonated throughout the arena as she paid tribute to those injured and killed in the terror attacks in Brussels on Tuesday morning.

As she blasted out the Bob Dylan song, the words also resonated with those gathered in the arena, as the crowd held up lit phones and lighters to commemorate the moment. The song “Make You Feel My Love” was recorded by Adele back in 2008 for her album 19.

After the song, Adele said she doesn’t think she has ever been so moved before in her life at one of her shows and that the audience’s response was “just so beautiful.”

“Thank you very much for doing that… I think they heard us.”

The video was posted by Twitter user Liam Edwards to the social media platform with the caption: “Adele has a message for the terrorists who were involved in the # brusselsattack # AdeleLive2016 # brusselsairport.”

He later added the message: “Highlight of the evening, f*** the terrorists from Adele.”

According to the Mirror Online, Adele branded the terrorists “f*****” in the opening of her show. On the fan-shot video, she can be heard saying, “We’re all here for the same reason. I’m hoping you’ve all come to be entertained by me. I’m here to entertain you, so we’re all united, so that makes us much better than them f******. You’re on you f******.”

Listen to the full rendition of “Make You Feel My Love” by Adele in the video included here.

As reported by the New York Times, at least 30 people were killed, and hundreds were injured after the series of explosions tore through Brussels airport and a subway station, with ISIS later claiming responsibility for the terrorist attacks.

Besides the moving dedication to the victims of the Brussels airport attacks, Adele also supported Simon Konecki at the London O2 concert by holding up her hands in a “W” shape along with thousands of her fans for World Water Day. Konecki is the CEO of the charity Drop4Drop, promoting access to clean water for those millions of people worldwide without it.

She shared a photo of the moment on Twitter, writing, “Show your support for drop4drop ‘s mission to get clean water for all. W is for…WATER! #WorldWaterDay #W4Water.”

The attack on Brussels airport has drawn outpourings of grief from all over the world, including many stars in the music industry. According to Rolling Stone, Miley Cyrus has announced a plan to partner up her Happy Hippie Foundation with Seeds of Peace, a peace-building youth group, in honor of not only those killed in Belgium, but also from the recent terror attacks in Turkey and the Ivory Coast.

The Brussels terror attacks forced Baroness, a Savannah, Georgia-based metal band, to cancel a show in the Belgian capital. They noted on Instagram that they will “make it” to Brussels in the future and will do their best to make up for the lost time. Baroness went on to say they don’t know exactly when the show will be rescheduled, but say they have never permanently canceled a show.

“Until then, we’d like to extend our thoughts and sympathy to any and all involved in the attacks today.”

[Photo by Gareth Cattermole/Getty Images]