Dallas Cowboys Rumors: Johnny Manziel Heading To Big D? – Jerry Jones Gives His Thoughts

The Dallas Cowboys have honestly not made a huge splash in 2016 NFL free agency, but then again, a lot of teams haven’t. Still, fans were hoping for a bit more movement after the awful 2015 season that was their worst in decades. One of the key needs in the offseason is a good back-up quarterback and they haven’t found one yet. Johnny Manziel is still looking for a team, and Cowboys owner Jerry Jones is talking about him, but is it in a good way?

Jones has never hidden the fact that he likes Manziel and he really would have liked to have gotten him in the 2014 NFL Draft. Of course, that didn’t happen, but Jones still would say things that made everyone think Manziel would be in Dallas one day.

Well, Manziel is now a free agent since the Cleveland Browns released him after countless off-field problems and the fact that the young quarterback simply can’t get his act together. Even with all of those problems, would Jerry Jones welcome him with open arms to Dallas?

dallas cowboys rumors johnny manziel jerry jones [Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images]Peter King of Monday Morning Quarterback spoke with Jones and decided to have a little Q&A session with the man in charge in Dallas. King asked Jones about free agency, the future of the Cowboys, and of course…Johnny Manziel.

First off, all football aside, Jones is hoping that Manziel can get his life in order and go about doing things the right way. Everyone knows some of the troubles that the quarterback is going through, and Jones states getting his life straight is a “far more important issue” than him making an NFL roster right now.

“As it would turn out, he’s had a disappointing life experience, as it would pertain to his time in the NFL. I do respect him as a player and a talent. I want to talk about any way he could help that.”

The rules of the NFL are quite strict in how things can or can’t be done, but in regards to helping out someone, Jones isn’t sure how they look at this matter. Jones doesn’t quite know if the NFL would allow the Dallas Cowboys to help Manziel out in the way he truly needs.

Still, Jones hopes that he can get it somehow, some way, and from someone.

“The overwhelming response and overwhelming mentality is, if we’re involved in any way, would be to help and encourage him to get it together and get his issues improved. Those issues, not in my mind, talent, are why he’s free today. It’s those issues are the overriding consideration here.”

“My interpretation of how he’s responded to the challenge of fame and the challenge of professionalism, has been compromised by a far more important issue. He needs to get the human elements and skills addressed. I think where he is, speaks for itself. That just has to be addressed.”

That being said, it doesn’t look as if Johnny Manziel is going to be the back-up quarterback for Tony Romo and the Dallas Cowboys in 2016.

It’s hard to listen to Jerry Jones talk about Jerry Manziel and not think that he still wants to sign the player to the Cowboys. There is an obvious interest in his talent and marketing ability, but Jones also realizes that he needs to get his life together first.

dallas cowboys rumors johnny manziel jerry jones [Photo by Stephen Brashear/Getty Images]Time is needed and some may not think the 73-year-old Jones has that, but as long as he’s in charge of the Dallas Cowboys, he will wait for and get what he wants.

Right now, Jerry Jones is dealing with new running back Alfred Morris and possibly adding some other free agents to the team before the 2016 starts. If there is a time and a place when Johnny Manziel and the Dallas Cowboys can discuss business and a partnership, then you can be sure that Jones is going to be ready to do that.

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