Josephine Georgiou Hopes Madonna Exposure Will Lead To Success In Modeling Career

Josephine Georgiou is the 17-year-old Australian girl that was given the experience of a lifetime at a recent Madonna concert in Brisbane last week. Josephine was spotted in the crowd when Madonna invited her onstage during the performance as she often does but this experience turned out quite a bit different than most. During the interaction, Madonna tugged on a metal ring affixed to the corset Josephine was wearing, exposing her breast for a moment.

After a huge backlash about Madonna’s faux pas and whether or not Josephine could press charges based on Australian law, the teen announced that she wouldn’t be suing the superstar and that she was quite honored to even have the experience. Georgiou is hoping that the exposure she received after being pulled on-stage at Madonna’s concert will help her fulfill a dream to become a successful model.

Georgiou said she had locked eyes earlier with the Material Girl and knew the singer had noticed her before heading off to speak to another group of guys at the side of the stage. Afterward, Madonna invited the Australian beauty onstage to dance with her as she does with every concert. That was when Madonna grabbed ahold of the nipple ring affixed to the teenager’s leather corset and exposed Josephine Georgiou’s breast to the entire Brisbane audience.

Madonna quickly apologized and even offered for Josephine to do it back. The interaction shocked many fans and even elicited headlines that Josephine was embarrassed and humiliated by the encounter onstage. Georgiou wants to set the record straight about her once-in-a-lifetime encounter with the pop superstar. She issued a statement through her representative Domenick Nati that told the truth about Josephine’s Madonna experience.

“Josephine was honored by Madonna’s interaction with her at her concert in Brisbane,” said Nati. “Although Madonna’s exposure of Josephine’s breast was unexpected, Joséphine is not upset about the incident and will not be filing any legal action. Madonna noticed Josephine’s beauty when she invited her on stage and nicknamed her ‘Victoria’s Secret’, and she hopes this endorsement will help further her modeling career and her search for a model agent.”

While Josephine is still working on fulfilling her dream, she currently models part time while looking for the right agent. The young model is hoping that the exposure from Madonna’s accidental wardrobe malfunction will be just what she needs to get noticed. She has already caught the eye of the paparazzi, something Josephine should probably just get used to. The leggy model was seen walking hand in hand with a young man who she says is not her boyfriend and pictures of the two together were shared. We’re assuming he is the French boy that Georgiou admitted she was talking to but not serious with.

Will Madonna’s exposure of the teen model get the attention of the fashion world? It seems Madonna still has her eye on Georgiou because just three days after the Brisbane nip slip, Madge flew her new friend and her mother to Sydney so they could watch her last Australian show on Saturday night. The last 30 minutes of Madonna’s Sydney concert was dedicated to Georgiou and the Material Girl even sang “La Vie En Rose” to her before giving the teen a bouquet of roses.

Georgiou said after meeting her idol for the second time that she can’t wait to see Madonna again. Josephine isn’t upset about the incident at all and even her mother is proud of her daughter, not humiliated like many previous headlines suggested. “‘There was no bad intentions, it was just love and fun up there,” she said in an interview with Daily Mail Australia. “Mum has been playing her since I was little, I idolised her in the Hung Up video clip.”

[Photo courtesy of Domenick Nati/Nati Celebrity Services, used with permission]