Farrah Abraham Moving Forward With Adoption: Will She Get Approved?

Farrah Abraham has been looking for love for years, as her boyfriend died before Sophia was born. He was a part of 16 & Pregnant, but he died in a car crash before she started filming Teen Mom. And since then, Farrah has ben trying to find someone who could settle down with her. Abraham has revealed that she has found love with Simon Saran, but their relationship has been on and off for a while. But it sounds like it is on again and they are making a huge decision for their family.

According to a new report, Farrah Abraham is planning on adopting a child because she’s shocked at how many orphans are in the world. And it sounds like she wants to change that statistic by adopting a child. And she’s even open to adopting someone, who is much older, such as a toddler. While Sophia wants a baby sister, Farrah is open to being a mother to a son.

“We’re open to adopting someone who’s not just — a child that can not just only be a newborn. But also a child that is maybe 3 or older,” Farrah has revealed about her adoption plans, adding, “There’s a lot of, you know, orphans that are so adorable. So, I mean, it just breaks my heart when I see things like that because I grew up around adoptive families and I’ve always wanted to help. So it’s just a time and a place and hopefully soon I will be ready.”

And it sounds like Farrah Abraham is ready to move forward with the adoption. When asked if she had a timeline, she revealed, “yes, within two years.”

Abraham hasn’t said anything about the adoption process on Teen Mom and if she does decide to return for another season of the show, one can imagine that they will start sharing this decision to inspire others to adopt as well.

“Right now we’re getting approved for the adoption and whether it’s a brother or sister, I just pray to god for the perfect child for our family and I know that Sophia and I are more than open for that to happen,” Abraham revealed in December of her adoption plans, adding that the plans have continued to grow and become more solid. It is very possible that they are well into the adoption plans.

One can imagine that Farrah will have to go through the same kind of approval process that everyone else has to before getting approved for a child. And given her past with adult entertainment and porn, it is very possible that she won’t get approved for the adoption. However, she does have money in the bank and a somewhat solid relationship, which could help her case.

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But Abraham’s mother, Debra Danielsen, hasn’t always been a big fan of Simon. On Teen Mom, she hinted that he was being violent with Farrah, even though nothing was ever shown on television. A conversation between the two was shown before the Teen Mom season came to an end.

“You’re almost a mirror image of [Farrah’s dad] Michael,” Debra told Simon, adding, “Almost uncanny, the personality type. So there’s things like passive-aggressive behavior. There’s things like anger that comes from that. That scares me, OK? Because that’s all forms of domestic violence.”

But Simon was quick on his feet, pointing to Debra’s own legal troubles with Farrah and domestic violence, telling her, “I’m not a violent person like how you’re kinda making me out to be right now, which is kinda weird because I’ve never ever done anything like that. I’ve heard stories about you doing certain things.”

What do you think of Farrah Abraham possibly adopting?

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