Yolanda Hadid Walks Out Of ‘RHOBH’ Reunion, Refuses To Discuss Breakdown Of Her Marriage

Sometimes reality TV shows seem too structured and fake, but during the filming of the reunion episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, things got real, maybe a little too real, for Yolanda Hadid.

According to OK Magazine, Hadid walked out on the set of the reunion special in tears after she was hammered with questions about her divorce and Lyme disease.

Handid was first asked about her divorce by host Andy Cohen, and after a video tribute showing Handid and her former husband David Foster in happier times, a source said she burst into tears.

“Andy Cohen attempted to get Yolanda to talk about what led to the break-up but she wasn’t having it,” the source said, reports Radar Online. “From Yolanda’s viewpoint, this isn’t part of any public discussion or part of the show. This is a very, very sad time for her.”

While Hadid was left in tears, Erika Girardi came to her aid, asking Andy to change the subject. “Erika is very, very protective of Yolanda and didn’t think it was appropriate that Andy seemed to be digging in. Yolanda revealed she loves David, and that will never change, but they just could no longer be married,” the source added.

Yolanda and David Foster [Image via Bravo] Yolanda and David Foster [Image via Bravo]To make matters worse, the Hollywood Gossip has it that the video tribute was a surprise to Hadid, who previously made it clear to producers that she did not want the topic of her divorce with David Foster brought up in front of cameras.

While she didn’t want to participate in certain things during the reunion, apparently Bravo reminded her that she didn’t have a choice because of her contract with the network.

Of course, this comes on the heels of Yolanda Hadid wondering aloud if the ending of her marriage had anything to do with her Lyme disease. “David never really got to be married to the healthy, carefree Yolanda, because she got the disease shortly after they were married,” says a source.

To add pressure to the mix, some of the other housewives have already questioned the truthfulness behind Hadid’s claim that she has Lyme disease, with some wondering if she is faking the symptoms in order to gain attention.

When Handid was getting questioned by fellow housewives about the validity of her disease during the filming of the reunion special, sources say that’s when things went south.

“Yolanda was getting very defensive, and started crying, as if that might stop the barrage of questions,” the source revealed. The source also confessed that, “She said she felt ganged up on, and it took more than twenty minutes of producers cajoling Yolanda to get her to agree to come back to the set and finish filming.”

Kyle Richards and Yolanda Foster [Image via Bravo] Kyle Richards and Yolanda Foster [Image via Bravo]However, despite everything, Kyle Richards spoke with People and defended Hadid. “Do you believe she has Lyme disease?” Kyle was asked. “100 hundred percent. She 100 percent has Lyme disease.” The RHOBH said, adding that she is, “absolutely suffering.”

Kyle went on to state that, “Now if there was something in addition to it, which is what we were kind of wondering, because you know, she went through a lot of different things to try to feel better. She took out the mercury in her fillings, and she had implants and she took those out.”

Kyle also said that Hadid was flying all over the world trying to seek out any type of treatment imaginable, and that is why some speculation grew. But Kyle reiterated that she has Lyme disease and is 100 percent suffering.

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[Image via Bravo]