TNA News: Major Problems At Recent TNA ‘Impact Wrestling’ Tapings, Talent Unhappy With Company Yet Again

TNA has gone through its fair share of issues over the years, none truly greater than losing some of their top stars and original roster members. Some would even say losing two television deals in the span of two years would also be considered a problem. TNA Wrestling was a good alternative to WWE, but the re-branding of the company seemed to make them WWE-light. Why go for the light version when you can have the real thing?

That is why many fans of TNA left and stopped watching altogether. They either went back to fully watching the WWE product, watching other promotions like NJPW and ROH, or they stopped watching wrestling altogether. In fact, the drop of TNA in the United States may have been the best thing to happen to New Japan Pro-Wrestling, as one of TNA’s major stars, AJ Styles, went there and put the company on the map even more.

Not only that, but we saw greatness coming from them, where TNA was not giving it. American fans were happy with the Japanese product more often than they were with TNA and even WWE at times. There’s a reason WWE took four of the top NJPW stars and are planning to take more.

Roode Young

It should come as no surprise now that TNA is suffering, which has led to the departure of several people. Many are also planning to leave when their deals are up, like Matt and Jeff Hardy, and even EC3 is rumored to go as well. Two others, Bobby Roode and Eric Young, left this past week, but unlike the other three, these two men hit far more for fans. Roode and Young had been with TNA for 12 years and were major parts of the rise. This is not even including the Ken Anderson firing or Kurt Angle “retirement.”

They were also there for the downfall, but that was not really on them. The creative direction of the company went down a dark path, and many originals were left in the dust. It seemed that once the others left the company, the originals were allowed to do more. However, they have had to deal with pay issues for years and now. According to Wrestlezone, Roode and Young left TNA over contract issues. Roode seemingly was done with contract talks well before he left, while Young was just recently in talks with TNA but could not come to an agreement.

Many feel they could be going to WWE.

Now, according to the Wrestling Observer, morale was said to have been low behind the scenes in TNA during the recent round of Pop TV tapings. This could be due to a lot of things, such as the loss of Roode and Young. However, most think there is more to it. They will never acknowledge this publicly, and most any talent won’t come forward to talk about the issues, but problems have been going on for a while. Many of the TNA workers feel the company is going nowhere, which is not a good sign.

However, are they right to feel this way? Sure, the company is no longer on Spike TV. They aren’t part of the Discovery Communications package either with Destination America. Despite this, they are on Pop TV, which is not a bad network to be on. Sadly, TNA’s ratings have been terrible.

They even landed under 300,000 for some shows many fans thought were good. TNA has yet to reach half a million viewers on the network. On top of this, the money seems to be drying up, or TNA is being a lot stricter with the cash flow, but they will want to spend millions on people with a “former WWE Superstar” tag. Ratings are down, fanhood is down, and thus morale is down. It makes total sense to see. It also makes it sad, as TNA used to be something great, and now watching them is like watching an old dog hang on until its older owner dies.

[Image via TNA Wrestling]