‘The Walking Dead’ Spoilers: What Does The Most Recent Death Mean For Glenn, Daryl, and Abraham?

The end of Season 6 is near on The Walking Dead, and fans are getting excited to see what else is going to happen with Rick and his group of survivors leading up to the inevitable appearance of Negan in the final episode. So far, TWD writers are following the storyline of the comic books pretty closely, with a few exceptions. With the recent death of Denise instead of Abraham, fans are wondering what might happen to others who seem ripe for the chopping block, most notably, Glenn, Daryl, and Abraham.

Denise ended up getting Abraham’s death in the comics. It was right around the same time when Dwight snuck up on Abraham and Eugene in the comic books, and put an arrow right through his eye. This time around, it was Denise who died in an unusual circumstance while she was out with Daryl and Rosita in search of medicine. It would figure that the Alexandria surgeon would finally venture out, only to die in the most unexpected way.

Some feel like Denise’s death on The Walking Dead was a cop out. Originally intended for Abraham, Denise’s story arc wasn’t anywhere near complete. Actually, many TWD fans have very little knowledge about who she even is! Now that Abraham has been saved when many thought he would surely die soon, it’s time to evaluate just how safe some of the fan-favorite characters really are.

The last two deaths on TWD were substitutions from the comic books. Tyreese ended up dying in the same way Morgan did, and Denise took Abraham’s death. The storyline is still very similar, just with many of the characters who are still alive taking on bits and pieces of the plot originally assigned to others. Vanity Fair believes that this means someone major will have to die soon because right now, there are just too many soldiers vying for the No. 2 spot alongside Rick.

In the comics, Daryl doesn’t even exist, while Abraham should be dead, but both are still around just like Carol and Morgan. With no storyline to follow for some of the biggest TWD characters, their story could literally go anywhere. However, one of them is going to die in the upcoming Season 6 finale when Negan shows up, and so far, we have no clue who it will be.

As pretty much every fan of The Walking Dead already knows, Glenn dies in the comic books when Negan beats him with a barbed wire wrapped bat that he calls Lucille. We know that Negan is coming, and he’s bringing Lucille. Someone from Rick’s group is going to die in the Season 6 finale in just two weeks, but it’s really not looking like Glenn will be the target.

With all the recent death substitutions, there are many theories about who may get hit. With Abraham still alive, that means Rick has too many helpers. The Alexandria leader has Abraham, Daryl, and Michonne by his side. There is also the issue of working Jesus into the storyline, and in the comic books, he becomes one of Rick’s most trusted advisors. That means someone has to go, because right now, there are just too many soldiers.

There haven’t been any hints about Michonne being the one to die and we’re betting that she survives just fine. While many fans threaten to riot if Daryl dies, they really might if TWD kills off Michonne. Abraham should have died in the last episode, and for whatever reason, he was never even in danger, nor was he in the scene where he died in the comics. It’s unlikely that he would escape death one week only to find it right down the line. There is a reason Abraham is sticking around, and it’s not so that he can die in the finale.

There are a couple of theories about who might die in the Season 6 finale and none of them involve Glenn. Instead, there is a lot of speculation that Daryl will go. His storyline has been questionable since Beth died, and he’s had a real hard time fitting in. Not to mention that the show really doesn’t need his character now that so many others have arrived. In a leaked video from the filming of the finale with Negan, he can be seen hitting someone with Lucille, and from the angle of the very grainy (and far away) video, it looks like Glenn is too far out of the shot to be his victim. Instead, many think it is Daryl who Negan kills in the finale.

No matter what happens, The Walking Dead Season 6 finale will be gruesome and disturbing, just as intended. So far, all the actors who have talked about filming the final episode of the season have confirmed that they were disturbed, upset, and that future seasons just won’t be the same.

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