‘Fallout 4’ Automatron DLC: Ada Companion Walk Through Introduces Robot Workbench

The Fallout 4 Automatron DLC expansion is coming out soon and it appears Australia will be getting it sooner, according to Kotaku, as they have already been immersing themselves within the wasteland and some streaming game play footage is already available on YouTube.


The release schedule for the Fallout 4 DLC is as follows, courtesy of a report by Game Rant:

  • Xbox One: Midnight EST (North America) or midnight locally (Europe)
  • PC: Midnight EST (North America) or midnight locally (Europe)
  • PS4: Midnight locally (Europe) or by 1 PM EST (North America)

YouTube streamer Shirrako made available a live walkthrough entailing an encounter with Ada, the robot companion. The dialogue between the lone wanderer and “her” gave some insight into the Mechanist and the robots that had been unleashed into the Boston wasteland.

[Warning, not safe for work. Profanity and video game violence.]

In Fallout 4 Automatron, Ada claims to be an upgraded Assaultron robot and cites her upgrader, Jackson, to be practically her creator. An interesting piece of dialogue by Ada indicates that she has “registered” an emotion of sorts at the loss of her friends. That being said, this indicates a form of self-awareness. So it looks like the Synths have a something in common with these more mechanical beings.

Ada also gets the player set up for the schematics for the robot workbench, which as the Fallout 4 Automatron game premise states allows for the lone wanderer to create his/her own robot creations.

The gameplay walkthrough video shows that when assembling or modifying an existing robot it doesn’t seem too far off from the power armor station. Things like improving armor and other weaponry attributes of the robot are done in a similar fashion. There are modules that can be added to your robot that allow for certain subroutines to help you in the wasteland like hacking, lock picking and others. The two mentioned already exist in the original Fallout 4 list of companions.

The Mechanist was a character by the same name in Fallout 3, which actually took place in the Washington D.C. wasteland. Only then, he was the arbiter of good with AntAgonist being his arch-rival. Somehow, this time, he comes off being the bad guy. One may wonder if the man behind the Mechanist mask is one in the same, as someone could have taken on the mantle of the robotic trouble maker but one can only speculate.

Of course, as analogous to recent superhero/villain related movies, some villains find reasons to rationalize what they are doing is for the greater good and it seems the Mechanist is making this known. It seems to be him blasting his voice through the speakers his propaganda in the above Fallout 4 Automatron gameplay walkthrough.


Fallout 4 was released last year and the Season Pass was available at that time for around $30. The price has gone up to $50 but if you’d like just the Automatron DLC, it’s available for $10. The price went up for the Season Pass on March 1.

Last year, some Fallout game fans had promising attitudes when putting down money for a pre-order that had been in the works, minus the details. However, some wastelanders may be holding tight to see the reviews regarding the upcoming DLC packs. Game Rant does report that the final installment of Far Harbor to be “the most substantial of the three expansions.”

This is likely because it adds to the game a different location in Massachusetts, entailing the Detective Valentine Agency’s mission. It includes “new faction quests, settlements, lethal creatures and dungeons,” per Bethesda, along with other pieces of weaponry and equipment. The Fallout DLC will be available come May with the proceeding Wasteland Workshop game expansion coming out in April.

Other updates, or additions, that are anticipated include the rather complex Survival Mode with a release date yet to be announced. With it comes the wasteland reality in Fallout 4 where players have to be very self-aware of the needs of their Vault 111 dweller such as eating, drinking, sleeping, disease management, cumbersome situations and a whole lot of other hardships akin to the dreadful post-apocalyptic environment.

In the meantime, enjoy the Fallout 4 DLC game expansion pack due out tomorrow, March 22.

[Photo by Mike Windle/Getty Images for Bethesda]