Karen Huger Says Ashley Darby Is Unpredictable: Wants To Keep Family Away From Her

Karen Huger may come off as snobby and as the leader of the high society circle, but it sounds like she just has some standards she wants to uphold. Huger stands by her values and she doesn’t like to include people in her circle that don’t fit. However, when Karen met Ashley Darby, her values were challenged because Ashley is youthful and doesn’t take things too seriously. During this week’s episode, Huger got angry with Darby and she’s now justifying her decision to keep Darby away from her family.

According to a new Bravo report, Karen Huger is now revealing that she feels right in her decision to cut out Ashley from her social circle. She was furious with Darby from the girls weekend, as she was surprised that Michael showed up at his beach house and that Ashley revealed that she didn’t really care about the other women’s feelings. And Huger was furious!

“I had little hope that this conversation with Ashley would resolve any ill feelings between the two of us. However, in good faith, I did attempt to bury the hatchet. At the end of this conversation, I realized that I was beating a dead horse, hence this is why I suggested we had the guys weigh in on the matter. I was ready to move ON, and move on we did,” Karen Huger reveals in her blog, sharing that she had indeed moved on from the drama with Ashley. But something changed, as the episode ended with Karen walking away from Ashley, saying she was done.

“The fact that Ashley said that I didn’t want any of the ladies around my daughter was a bold face lie! I believe she purposely misunderstood what I said to her. Everyone hates being incorrectly quoted. Unfortunately, Ashley has exhibited behavior unbecoming to a young woman,” Karen Huger reveals, adding, “Ashley’s publicly humping of another woman, her inappropriate discussion of her husband’s genitals, the announcement of her lack of panties which resulted in booty crack sweat on her clothing and last but not least the fact that she does not care about her house guest discomfort, is contrary to the values that I have instilled in my child; which is to show compassion for others feelings. I don’t know what she might say or do.”

Of course, Darby’s recollection of what Karen said wasn’t completely wrong. Karen said that the children were off limits and she hinted that she didn’t want the ladies around her daughter. But Huger claims that she didn’t want Ashley around her daughter because she was simply unpredictable and could cause trouble for her. It seems rude and cold.

But it is possible that Karen Huger’s behavior has something to do with her husband. The two had a chat after they played golf with Michael and Darby. The younger couple clearly didn’t think it was a big deal and they brushed it off rather quickly. But the Hugers were not so quick to let it go. And it is possible that Karen was completely riled up when the ladies arrived at her gala night.

“The men had a more robust conversation prior to the putt-off. Ray clearly conveyed that Michael’s showing up to the girl’s weekend that included his wife. It is was highly inappropriate and not appreciated especially since Ashley made it clear that no men would be allowed to participate or be a part of the girl’s weekend. The putt-off was anti-climatic since Michael had already apologized,” Karen Huger reveals in her blog.

In an interview with FOX, Huger reveals that she does think that Darby is a nice person. But nice may not get that far with her.

Do you think Karen Huger overreacted?

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