NBC Airs Water Polo Wardobe Malfunction

If you’ve ever played, or even watched, water polo, you know that there is a lot of grabbing and pulling underneath the surface of the water, and sometimes, especially for the woman, a body part or two may pop out from behind the swimsuit. Last night, NBC aired one of those water polo wardrobe malfunctions on TV.

The incident occurred during the U.S. women’s match against Spain on Wednesday night. A U.S. player grabbed the swimsuit of her Spanish opponent and accidentally exposed the woman’s breast. At the time, NBC was using one of its underwater cameras and broadcast the women’s naked breast out for millions of people to see.

The commentator said: “That was Kamie Craig doing the grabbing but the Spaniard retaliated…”

NBC has been criticized for its coverage of the 2012 London Olympics. The station has decided to delay coverage of some of the live events for the prime-time broadcast. Zap2it reports that the Water Polo matched was broadcast live last night, which probably explains why the wardrobe malfunction made it to the air.

Did you see the women’s water polo match last night? Were you offended by the on-air nudity?

Of course, airing women’s water polo has always caused a problem for broadcasters since similar wardrobe malfunctions are common. Here’s the censored photo from last night’s game.

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