Open Carry And Kilts Are The Order Of The Day At Sea Bears Ogden Fish House

The Second Amendment is alive and well at Utah’s Sea Bears Ogden Fish House. The owners, servers, and even the cooks, all open carry their handguns on their kilts.

Sea Bears Ogden Fish House is owned by the husband and wife team of Tony and Monika Siebers and their four children. The kilts are worn by all staffers in honor of the Scottish theme at the restaurant, KSL reports. The handguns were added to the attire to display the family’s deep-seeded belief in the Second Amendment.

“We’re big supporters of open carry and the Second Amendment,” Tony stated during an interview with Fox News. “Out here in the West it’s a little more common.”

Sieber, 46, also proudly stated that the open carry policy at Sea Bears Ogden Fish House has not caused any problems with the customers. According to the owner, many of the customers also exercise their right to bear arms by choosing to either open carry or concealed carry inside the Utah restaurant.

Approximately a year ago, Tony and Monika decided to start carrying their guns at the restaurant in an effort to deter criminals. Many Second Amendment supporters and gun rights activists firmly believe that going inside an establishment which boasts a “Gun Free Zone” sign on the door merely puts a target on their backs.

“People continually come up to the counter and say, ‘Hey, I like that you carry and I’ve got my concealed license and I’m carrying, too,'” Tony Siebers added. “It’s all been positive dialogue because we have like-minded people who really support the Second Amendment and support open- or concealed-carry.”

The Ogden restaurant owners said that carrying their guns while counting money at closing time, when restocking supplies, and when closing up for the night, made them and their staff feel safer. While Monika and Tony waited for their concealed carry permits to be processed and approved, they began openly carrying their guns – which does not require a permit, and simply chose to keep up the habit.

Tony’s gun of choice is typically a SCCY 9 mm or an EAA revolver. Monika prefers to carry a Smith & Wesson M&P 9 mm, their 22-year-old twin sons, Chase and Collin, each pack.357 magnums. Their other children, Toli, 14, and Austin, 19, are not yet old enough to legally carry a gun.

Tony added that he is “never ever” worried about having armed customers dine in the restaurant and mingling with his wife and children.

“It’s not those people you worry about. They use it [gun] for protection only,” Siebers added.

The popular restaurant has always been a family endeavor. Tony and Monika’s three sons helped to give the place its unique name. Their surname was often pronounced a bit more like “Sea Bears” by their buddies when they were younger, and it ultimately became a cherished term of endearment.

“When they were growing up, their friends gave them a nickname,” Tony said. “They said, ‘Oh, the sea bears are here.’ That’s where the name came from. We’ve been in this location for two years and this location has been really good to us. It keeps getting better and better.”

Ogden is home to roughly 85,000 people and is located about 10 miles from the Great Salt Lake.

What do you think about the open carry practices at Utah’s Sea Bears Ogden Fish House? Do you feel safe entering a building that has a gun free zone hanging on the door?

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