Miley Cyrus Victim Of ‘Swatting’ Prank, Has Home Raided By Police

Miley Cyrus was taking a hot bath (and taking naked pictures) last night when a group of police officers raided her home after receiving a 911 call. But don’t worry, Cyrus is safe and sound. No one broke into the star’s home last night. It turns out that the singer was the victim of a “swatting” prank.

TMZ reports that the LAPD rushed to Cyrus’ home after they received a 911 call at about 7 pm last night. The report said that someone had broken into the star’s home and that gunshots had been heard.

North Hollywood police said:

“We responded to a call of a kidnapping in progress, one person shot, at an address on Amanda Drive.”

And when someone points a gun (even a fictional one) at Miley Cyrus, the LAPD responds with force.

Squad cars, a helicopter, and officers armed with high-powered weapons quickly surrounded the house in order to protect the former Disney star and capture the criminals. But the scene at Cyrus’ home was perfectly calm and the LAPD eventually learned that they too were victims of “swatting.”

One officer told ABC:

“It’s not just bad, it is a crime… And if we find out who it is, we will arrest them and prosecute them.”

It’s unclear if Cyrus was home at the time of the fake home invasion. The prolific Twitter hasn’t messaged the “swatting” prank yet.

And in case you were wondering, Wikipedia defines “swatting” asan attempt to trick an emergency service (such as a 9-1-1 dispatcher) into dispatching an emergency response team. The name is derived from SWAT (Special Weapons and Tactics), one type of such team. Such actions are criminal actions.”