NFL Rumors: Robert Griffin III To Cleveland Browns, Colin Kaepernick Traded To Denver Broncos

Many rumors have been swirling over the past couple of weeks since NFL free agency started and teams were allowed to make trades. Two big-name quarterbacks have had their names mentioned quite often, but both Colin Kaepernick and Robert Griffin III are still sitting in NFL limbo. Now, it finally appears as if their future destinations could be known and will be with the Denver Broncos and Cleveland Browns, respectively.

For a while, there had been some talk that Kaepernick was going to be traded to the Cleveland Browns. The former starting quarterback is not a free agent but doesn’t seem to have much of a place with the San Francisco 49ers anymore since Blaine Gabbert took over.

ESPN is now reporting that the Browns are done with possibly pursuing Kaepernick. Sashi Brown, the director of football operations for the Browns, totally dismissed all talk that the team was looking to acquire Kaepernick.

“Not actively engaged with San Francisco and at this point don’t anticipate being actively engaged with San Francisco. But I know it’s that time of year when something can catch a headline.”

A league source said that Kaepernick’s agent did call the Browns to check out what type of interest they would have in trading for him. Sashi Brown said “preliminary discussions” took place, but nothing more than that.

nfl rumors robert griffin III cleveland browns colin kaepernick trade denver broncos 49ers
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With the Browns seeming to drop out of the running for Kaepernick, CBS Sports states that only one team is left for him — the defending champs. The Denver Broncos appear to be the only team that will likely land Colin Kaepernick if he’s going to be traded for the 2016 season.

The Broncos recently acquired Mark Sanchez from the Philadelphia Eagles, but they need some kind of quarterback back-up or competition. Many NFL teams just don’t buy that the 49ers plan on keeping an often-injured QB who is due $12 million.

While the Browns are done with the expensive back-up from San Francisco, it seems they may have another target now.

nfl rumors robert griffin III cleveland browns colin kaepernick trade denver broncos 49ers
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According to, the Browns are now turning their sights to Robert Griffin III, the former quarterback of the Washington Redskins. A meeting took place with RG3, and it appears as if the Browns are moving forward in signing him to a deal.

A signing may not be imminent at this time, but it certainly does appear as if the Browns are looking to make him their next quarterback.

Cleveland recently released Johnny Manziel after two disastrous seasons with the Browns, but they do still have Josh McCown. Still, he’s a quarterback prone to injuries and has been inconsistent for years.

RG3 dealt with a number of injuries during his time with the Redskins, but also multiple head coaches and numerous offensive coordinators. It just seemed like the relationship was never really able to work out well between the two of them.

The Cleveland Browns signing Robert Griffin III to a deal is more likely to happen, and sooner than a trade being made for Colin Kaepernick. The Denver Broncos are still interested in making that trade happen, but a lot needs to be worked out and put in place.

Until that time, Kaepernick will likely stay a member of the San Francisco 49ers.

2016 NFL free agency has been very quiet so far, but some big moves appear likely to happen very soon. Robert Griffin III may end up as a member of the Cleveland Browns, and it if all works out, Colin Kaepernick will find a new home with the Denver Broncos.

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