Eminem Is The King Of Facebook, Hits 60 Million Likes Before Lady Gaga

If Lady Gaga is the Queen of Twitter, then Eminem is the king of Facebook. The Detroit rapper recently gathered his 60 millionth Facebook like, making him the most liked living person on the massive social networking site.

Eminem typically uses his Facebook account to post new music videos and interviews. He’ll occasionally plug an album, a concert, or a sale, and he rarely makes comments. Still, according to Mashable, Eminem is grabbing about 26,000 new likes per day. (Rihanna is gaining about 22,000 and Lady Gaga is about 6,000 likes per day.)

The Real Slim Shady has a half million more likes than Rihanna and 7 million more than Lady Gaga.

But that doesn’t mean that Eminem is the most talked about person on Facebook. Web Pro News notes that Facebook also counts the number of people who are “talking about this” person. That data puts Slim Shady well below Lady Gaga and Rihanna. Only 290,000 people are talking about Eminem while a little over 1 million are talking about Rihanna and about 1.2 million are talking about Lady Gaga.

Eminem also has a lot of work to do if he wants to catch up to Lady Gaga on Twitter. Eminem has a pretty solid following on Twitter with 12 million followers. But that’s less than half the amount of people who follow Lady Gaga. (The Queen Monster is just shy of 28 million followers.)

Do you follow Eminem on Facebook?