Mariah Carey’s Team Quitting Over Ongoing Conflicts With New Manager Stella Bulochnikov?

Mariah Carey is reportedly seeing multiple key figures in her team quit following their ongoing differences with the singer’s new manager, Stella Bulochnikov.

Stella is making things extremely difficult for everybody that works for the “We Belong Together” singer, multiple sources have alleged. Ever since she signed on to work with the team, she has done quite the opposite, often butting heads with publicists, business managers and even Mariah Carey’s stylists.

“It seems as if Mariah has allowed a complete stranger, her new manager, to run her life, and others believe this woman is toxic. Seasoned executives in their profession don’t want to put up with her,” a source revealed.

The insider gushed, alleging that Stella acts completely different towards Mariah than to the people she is supposed to be cooperating with. Whenever complaints are brought up over Carey’s new manager, Stella quickly brushes them off, telling the ageing R&B singer that those arguments are nothing more than “petty disagreements.”

Furthermore, while Mariah Carey has often stressed in the past that she would never take part in a reality show, having often bashed TV stars for sharing their private life on television, Carey’s new manager is said to have convinced her that starring in her own reality program would be a good look career-wise.

A source admits that even though Mariah’s manager initially pitched the idea as if it was just going to revolve around Carey’s return to music and her exciting journey on her European tour, the concept of the program has significantly changed to also invite viewers back to some more personal moments. It is even rumored that Mariah’s wedding will be filmed for the show.

An insider believes that fans will definitely see more than just the backstage footage of what happens at a Mariah Carey concert, which the songstress’ devoted team feared to begin with.

The source concluded by revealing, “Stella has been using the TV platform to bad-mouth former people on the team on camera … She’s turning it into a reality show. She’s creating scenarios, and it’s not all about the shows in Vegas as she’s claimed. The show will definitely be trashy because it’s full of lies.”

Mariah Carey would not have hired Stella if she didn’t have the good reputation she currently holds in Hollywood. Bulochnikov has endless connections in the industry, calling people such as Brett Ratner some of her closest friends. In fact, it was the film director who introduced both women to one another, and from what Mariah saw, she was impressed and knew she needed a manager like that on her team.

But with there being so many issues revolving around Stella, Mariah Carey, and her team, fans are wondering how the singer will find a solution to prevent her staff from leaving.

Currently, nobody is getting along with Stella quite like Carey, who has openly embraced her from the beginning. If Mariah supposedly saw the difficulties that Stella brings to the set, she would dismiss her from her duties immediately, according to some of her current team members.

Mariah Carey has already signed on to partake in the upcoming reality show, so it is likely to assume that this project could evidently determine whether Stella was a good choice to hire or a bad one.

The singer has yet to resolve the issues that her team is currently facing with her new manager, although, with the 45-year-old busy planning her forthcoming wedding to billionaire, James Packer, those matters are sure to be the last thing on her mind right now.

[Photo by Scott Barbour/Getty Images]