Amy Poehler Works To Rid The World Of HIV, Slapped With Fine For Excessive Water Usage

Amy Poehler, actress and Saturday Night Live regular, recently starred in the movie Sisters with her best friend and sister figure, Tina Fey.

The pair started out as co-stars on Saturday Night Live and the chemistry the two built on the show eventually carried over to everything they were in together. The film, Sisters, was released on the same weekend as Star Wars: The Force Awakens and was released on DVD and Blu-Ray on March 15. The DVD and Blu-Ray release includes deleted scenes, one in particular which puts Amy, Tina, and Maya Rudolph in a comedic exchange of insults at the grocery line.

According to MTV, the film had an abundant amount of Saturday Night Live talent at the helm. The film was written by Saturday Night Live legend Paula Pell and Amy Poehler’s contemporary, Maya Rudolph. Amy Poehler describes the film as a 40-year-old high school party. Sisters was well received and enjoyed by audiences and critics alike.

Her new film release aside, Amy Poehler recently got herself in a scuffle with the authorities for excessive water use, according to Gawker. Amy Poehler lives in the drought-stricken state of California, so it’s not a surprise that she was able to get attention for her excessive water use. The actress is currently single with two children, but she reportedly used around 170,000 gallons of water just between the months of May to July. That approximates to a whopping 2,786 gallons of water every day! What could Amy Poehler possibly be using all that water for? Is she trying to build the world’s largest swimming pool? Or is she just that thirsty? Maybe the kids just love having water balloon fights.

Amy Poehler recently found herself involved in the fight for gender equality. According to the Telegraph, Amy Poehler joined the likes of Elton John, Meryl Streep, and Oprah Winfrey to advocate for world leaders to fight against inequality.

The movement was timed to reach its peak on International Women’s Day. The opening of the letter is a very powerful quote that justifies the necessity for such a movement because women around the world get less than what they should get and the reason behind it is none other than the fact that they’re women. Shonda Rhimes, producer of Grey’s Anatomy and Scandal, was among the many people that signed the petition directed to the world leaders.

Shonda Rhimes spoke on how gender inequality is just as bad as poverty.

“Think about the world we’d live in if more girls had the chance to grow up to be empowered women. Extreme poverty is choking the potential of generations of young women in the developing world. Poverty is sexist. It hits girls and women harder than it does boys and men, creating a real urgency that world leaders must address. That’s why I’m raising my voice and asking others to do the same.”

The importance of the movement wasn’t just to end sexism, but also to end HIV. The lessened rights of women in parts of the world make the already deadly disease even more of a threat than it already is.

Elton John spoke about how important it is to give equal rights to women because it might just help stop the HIV/AIDS situation for good.

“Three out of every four adolescents in Africa who contract HIV are girls, and on average, women in sub-Saharan Africa who contract HIV will do so five to seven years earlier than men. It’s heartbreaking. We have the chance to stop HIV/AIDS in our lifetime, and we need to raise our voices now to make sure it happens.”

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