Rihanna Anti Tour: RiRi Blown Away By Fan’s Rendition Of ‘FourFiveSeconds’ [Video]

A fan at the Rihanna Anti Tour blew the singer away with his brief rendition of her hit song “FourFiveSeconds”

During her concert on Saturday night, Rihanna handed the mic to a fan in the front row, who sang a line of “FourFiveSeconds.” RiRi got the shock of her life, when the fan turned out to have an amazing set of pipes on him. The look on her face when he begins to sing is priceless.

Rihanna got the surprise of her life when she chose fan Terah Jay at random to help her sing a song during her Anti Tour in Cincinnati, Ohio. Although Jay only sang a line, it was clear that he can sing. He has not only gained a lot of attention for his amazing voice but also for seriously impressing RiRi.

Soon after the shocking moment, Twitter went crazy with the video clip, as well as the look on Rihanna face. Video clips of the moment began to take over social media, with fans talking about Jay and his Rihanna moment.

Thanks to Rihanna making him a small part of her Anti Tour, Terah Jay has now gained worldwide attention and is enduring his 15 minutes of fame. He sent out several tweets after his moment in the spotlight. As it turns out, he is a huge fan of Rihanna, and it was a dream come true for him to get to sing in front of her. As if getting that once-in-a-lifetime opportunity was not enough, Jay later shared on Twitter that the singer was now following him on social media. It looks like her has a new fan in RiRi.

TMZ is reporting that Jay is a budding artist who has spent his life singing in the choir and dreams of making to it to Broadway. However, until that happens, he is currently working as an administrator at Ohio State University. It is clear by his YouTube channel that Terah is serious about his artistic talent. Now that he caught the attention of Rihanna on her Anti Tour, it looks like his dreams just might be coming true. After all, he did get to sing with his favorite singer.

Rihanna kicked off her Anti Tour in Jacksonville on March 15. The tour is slated to run through August, with the final show scheduled to be in the United Kingdom. Drake is rumored to be joining RiRi for a few tour dates. The two will reportedly sing their new hit song “Work.” Her opening acts include Travis Scott, The Weeknd, and Big Sean.

When a fan attends a Rihanna concert, he or she is certainly expecting the singer to put on one heck of a show. She is, after all, known for her amazing and sometimes controversial performances. However, it is not RiRi that fans are talking about today when it comes to her Anti Tour. It is the fan that blew the singer away at her recent concert.

Terah Jay is one hot topic today thanks to RiRi choosing him to sing a part of her song “FourFiveSeconds.” She chose him at random, but it was a choice that not only shocked her but all of those in attendance as well. Fans not only got to hear Jay’s amazing voice but see a stunned look on Rihanna’s face as she watched him sing. There will no doubt be more stunning moments that come out of Rihanna’s Anti Tour, but for now, the fan that shocked RiRi has everyone talking.

What did you think of not only the look on RiRi’s face but Jay’s voice in the very stunning moment?

[Photo by Jason Kempin/Getty Images]