Mayweather Release: Boxer Set To Leave Las Vegas Jail On Friday

Floyd Mayweather Jr.s release from jail is just around the corner as the boxer’s 90-day sentence for a domestic battery case comes to an early end Friday.

The boxer is set to leave his Las Vegas jail by this weekend, the Associated Press reported. The Mayweather release is actually coming a bit ahead of schedule, Las Vegas police officer Jose Hernandez told the Associated Press that some time was shaved off the sentence for good behavior and work completed.

Mayweather surrendered June 1 after pleading guilty in December to misdemeanor charges stemming from a September 2010 fight with girlfriend Josie Harris. The scuffle occurred while their two children were watching, police said. By accepting the plea deal Floyd Mayweather was able to avoid felony charges that could have put him in prison for 34 years.

Mayweather’s release comes at somewhat of an up-and-down year for the fighter. Although he spent the better part of two months in jail, he was also named the highest-paid athlete by Forbes, taking in $85 million, and won bouts with Victor Ortiz and Miguel Cotto.

The Mayweather release may have come sooner if the boxer’s complaints of deteriorating health were accepted. In June Floyd Mayweather requested that he be released early from jail because the low-quality food and water threatened his health, the Daily Mail reported. A Las Vegas judge responded that Mayweather should just eat and drink what’s being given to him behind bars.

Justice of the Peace Melissa Saragosa said that Mayweather had round-the-clock access to water and that the only reason he isn’t eating well is because he refuses to eat the provided meals.

It is unclear how long after the Mayweather release the boxer will resume fighting.