Gerard Butler Gets ‘Cold Feet’ With Girlfriend Morgan Brown?

Gerard Butler is known for his womanizing tendencies, but he managed to stay in a relationship with Morgan Brown for over a year. But it may be time for the actor to let his eyes wander as engagement rumors about his girlfriend start to ramp up!

It may be no accident that Gerard Butler and his girlfriend, Morgan Brown, have not been caught together in a long time. While they have been seen PDA-ing all around Malibu, where they spent time over the last summer, they have not been seen together, even in all the red carpet pictures.

The word on the street is that Gerard ““cold feet” and ended the relationship,” according to the New York Daily News.

“She was hearing buzz that his camp wanted him to seem single for the press tours,” a source told NYDN. “They wanted him to be ‘the sexiest bachelor alive’ in the magazines. They think he’d make a great James Bond.”

The source continued explaining that his impending engagements in promoting his new movies may have been one of the issues of them calling it quits.

“He seemed restless as he got ready to launch the tours and she didn’t want to put her kids through that. You know how these things happen where the girlfriend stays home and the movie star boyfriend has every girl on the red carpet throwing themselves at him,” the source said according to NYDN.

Check out the actor hitting the red carpet this month below!


London Has Fallen star is turning 47 this year, but that doesn’t mean he will slow down his flirting. Just a few weeks ago, he was seen applying his charms on Charlotte McKinney at Daytona 5000. Nothing like a car race to find hot women!

After leaving his girlfriend behind in Malibu, he was also seen getting close with Rita Ora just a few hours away in West Hollywood, engaging in “an intimate dinner at the four-star hotel’s in-house restaurant,” according to Us Weekly.

This must be a big disappointment for Morgan as it looked like the perennial lady’s man seemed like he was ready to settle down. Just a few months ago, on New Year’s Eve, Gerard Butler seemed more than content spending his every waking moment with his girlfriend.

“Gerard Butler couldn’t have looked happier to be back in his girlfriend’s arms as they indulged in a romantic reunion,” reports the Daily Mail. “The Tomorrow Never Dies actor was pictured with a beaming grin slapped across his face as he and Morgan Brown dined at Cecconi’s… He didn’t care who was watching as he shamelessly snogged the brunette while holding her in his arms in front of a group of people.”

Since then, it looks like many things have changed in the couple’s relationship. They don’t hang out, let alone intimately, at all now, despite the fact that engagement rumor was circling them just a few months ago.

Check out the last picture taken of Gerard and Morgan.


He doesn’t have any qualms about making commitments to other women now! When the female Marines asked him about accompanying them to the Marine Corps Ball, the actor didn’t hesitate to say yes! Looks like he has his eyes on fit and strong women.

Meanwhile, the reviews for London Has Fallen has unfortunately been not great. It currently rests at 25 percent on Rotten Tomato and critics have said some harsh things about the movie, calling it “racist, stupid and boasting cheesy effects that wouldn’t pass muster on basic cable.”

Do you think this bad review will make Gerard Butler return to his ex-girlfriend?

[Photo by Richard Shotwell/AP]