‘The Walking Dead’ Spoilers: All Signs Pointing To Daryl’s Death In Season Finale?

With only 2 episodes left in Season 6, The Walking Dead fans are really getting nervous about which characters will make it out of the season alive, and all the focus in on Daryl Dixon.

Fans are actually worried about the fate of Daryl, who has become arguably the most popular character on The Walking Dead, and believe he could be the one to die at the hands of Negan and his trusty bat, Lucille, in the Season 6 finale.

While Walking Dead spoilers haven’t given anything away about which of the beloved characters will actually be the one to be killed by Negan, viewers know that it will be a huge death, an unforgettable scene, and a complete loss for the show, but will it be Daryl? Some fans are making a serious case for the theory that Mr. Dixon will be the one to die in the finale.

Walking Dead spoilers: Daryl Dixon to be killed by Negan? [Image via AMC]According to Uproxx, the fact that Denise was killed in the most recent episode of The Walking Dead could mean bad news for Daryl. Why? Well, it seems Denise was given Abraham’s comic book death of an arrow through the head. The report suggests that this could mean that Daryl’s death is coming, and that Abraham will stay alive and well to replace him as Rick’s right hand man, as he was in the comic book series.

In the comic series Rick’s closest pals and biggest allies have been Tyreese, Michone, and Abraham. If Abraham were to stay alive in the television series and become Rick’s new right hand man, it would seem that Daryl would have to die.

However, Denise receiving Abraham’s comic book death could mean something else. It could mean that possibly Abraham will be killed at the hands of Negan, leaving Daryl and Glenn, who is Negan’s first victim in the comic book series, alive and well to fight another day, which would make a lot of fans happy.

Unfortunately, there are other facts to support the possibility of Daryl’s death in The Walking Dead Season 6 finale. It was recently announced that Norman Reedus would be a guest on Talking Dead after the finale, meaning we could be saying our finale and heartbreaking goodbye to Daryl Dixon.

Walking Dead fans have also noticed that Daryl’s character has basically been going nowhere fast over the course of the past two seasons. He hasn’t done anything very significant, he’s not grown in any way, he’s built no new or interesting personal relationships, and fans have noticed the decline in their Daryl time, leaving them worried that the show is about to kill off the most beloved character.

The Walking Dead spoilers: Daryl or Glenn to be killed by Negan in Season 6 finale? [Image via AMC]Meanwhile, Glenn fans are also worried. It was Glenn who Negan killed in The Walking Dead comic book series, and the show’s been foreshadowing his death for years, most recently by having him be the one to find the photos of Negan’s victims at The Savior’s camp. Is the show just toying with our emotions? It’s hard to say, but one thing is for sure, fans should be ready for a very emotional and shocking episode when the Season 6 finale airs on April 3.

The finale has already been confirmed to be an extended episode which will last for 90-minutes and is rumored to be titled “Last Day On Earth,” leaving fans with sinking feelings and complete anxiety about which one of their beloved Walking Dead characters they will be forced to say goodbye to next.

Don’t forget to tune in to AMC on Sundays at 9 p.m. to catch all the drama. What are your thoughts on the latest Walking Dead spoilers? Do you think Daryl will die in the Season 6 finale?

[Image via AMC]