Amy Schumer: Leaves Bar Staff At ‘Hamilton’ Show A $1,000 Tip

Comedian Amy Schumer and her boyfriend Ben Hanisch attended the mega-musical Hamilton over the weekend. The star of Inside Amy Schumer shared a couple of pictures of her and her group of friends as they attended the show by Lin-Manuel Miranda, which focuses on the Founding Fathers. Miranda is also known for In The Heights.

Evidently, Schumer had spent some time at the theater’s bar. Schumer spent a large period of time as a waitress and a bartender in New York before her career took off. The bartenders that staffed the show were all aspiring actors, something that Schumer no doubt could relate to. It should come as no surprise then that Schumer felt an urge to leave the bartenders a $1,000 tip. Many celebrities including Beyonce, Jay Z, Kanye West, and Michelle Obama had been to see the show; however, none of them left a tip that could hold a candle to the one that Schumer left.

One of the members of the bar staff, Madeleine DeJohn, an aspiring actress had a lot to say about the generosity exhibited by Schumer.

“I was very touched, it was just something so generous and so kind that you don’t see every day.”

“I’d like to think if I become that successful, that I can do the same. She’s been one of us. She reminded me that there’s still a lot of good in the world.”

This was the second time that Schumer left a gracious tip to the bar staff at Hamilton. Her previous visit to the bar ended in her leaving an $80 tip for a $40 bill. Schumer has somewhat of a past of leaving large tips. Last year, she gave a $500 bonus to a struggling waiter, which equates to somewhere near a 1,000 percent tip, which is far more than the customary 20 percent. The waiter was working at Peter’s Clam Bar in Island Park, Long Island, New York. The manager of the restaurant told The Huffington Post that she ordered a cup of soup and some appetizers. Witnesses say that Schumer and the waiter engaged in somewhat of an exciting conversation in which the server mentioned working two jobs in order to pay for college, something that surely lead to Schumer feeling a connection on a personal level to the waiter because of her similar past experiences prior to fame. DeJohn expressed thanks on behalf of all of the members of the bar staff, to which Schumer responded, “I’ve been there, I get it,”

After the tip, the bar staff took to social media to express their delight. One particular picture posted by Sara Laursen included the entire bar staff posing with the receipt.

DeJohn is not the only one of the bar staff that wants to pursue acting as a career. All six of the staff hopes to make it in showbiz one day. The entire Hamilton bar staff hopes that Schumer will make another return to their bar, not because they hope to get another massive tip, but so they can properly thank her for her generosity. Working as a bartender, barista, or waitress is one of the most popular jobs among those who wish to get into the world of some type of performing art. This kind of job works well for the schedules that performers often have to have. Without a doubt, Schumer knows exactly what this feels like, and that is why she feels like she has a duty, as someone who has been in those shoes, to do what she can to help.

[Photo by Mark Davis/Getty Images]