Fox News’ Bill O’Reilly And Megyn Kelly Have Great Ratings Week

If one ever needed proof that Bill O’Reilly and Megyn Kelly are the King and Queen of Cable Ratings, then look no further than ShowBuzzDaily, a site that lists cable news ratings each night.

When averaging nightly ratings from last week, Bill O’Reilly attracted an amazing 3.43 million a night, while Megyn Kelly also did well with an average of 2.77 million per night.

Bill O'Relly Ratings Bill O’Reilly still attracts a huge audience. [Photo by Randy Holmes /Getty Images]Bill O’Reilly started off his show on Monday night this week with a bang. He accused the mainstream media of not telling the entire story of the anti-Trump rallies that began in Chicago on Friday, March 11.

“If you were monitoring the national media coverage of the fracas, you did not get the entire story,” O’Reilly claimed at the very beginning of his show.

O’Reilly said that after about 180 University of Illinois-Chicago faculty and staff sent a letter to the chancellor expressing their anger about the Trump rally, a petition on led to an anti-Trump protest that turned violent enough for Trump to need to cancel his appearance.

Mr. O’Reilly said it was the far left agitators, who do not believe in freedom of speech, that drove a situation like this. O’Reilly said the national mainstream media spun the story in order to demonize Trump and his supporters and pretty much condoned a flat-out assault on freedom of speech.

There were many people, even on the left, who didn’t support the Trump rallies.


Megyn Kelly didn’t support the Trump rallies either, but she was less sympathetic than Bill O’Reilly. Perhaps, however, her most talked about segment dealt with Supreme Court Nominee Merrick Garland. She had Tom Goldstein, a person who has argued many cases before the Supreme Court, analyze the nomination.

“Well Republicans in truth ought to be doing cartwheels. This is as centrist of a nominee that a Democratic president would ever put on.”

Goldstein then said that Republicans are standing back because of a strong principle — this is the tipping point of the Supreme Court, and they want to hold out until the next election.

Megyn Kelly then added that the Republicans are holding out; they want to put a judge as conservative as Antonin Scalia on the bench. Constitutional Attorney Jonathan Turley said that Republicans might want to “walk back” and be safe by confirming Merrick Garland, who will be the left to Scalia no matter what.

All three of them talked about the possibility of President Obama pulling Merrick Garland if the Republicans confirm him and Hillary Clinton wins. They all agreed the chances are quite minimal, but one never knows. It would be a very mean thing to do.

Kelly ended the segment by stating that, although Garland is incredibly qualified, that doesn’t matter anymore. It’s all about ideology and power politics. It seems as if a lot of people on Twitter think Garland is qualified as well.


You can bet that both Bill O’Reilly and Megyn Kelly will have several segments on Donald Trump this week. With the election coming up, both O’Reilly and Kelly should continue with their stellar ratings.

[ Photo by Paul Morigi/Invision/AP and Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images]