WWE Rumors: Plans For Dean Ambrose After ‘WrestleMania 32’ Are Going To Be Huge With A Possible Heel Turn

Ever since The Shield split up and all three members went their own separate ways, two of them have won the WWE World Heavyweight Title. Dean Ambrose is the only exception, but some believe it is only a matter of time. Ambrose currently has a huge No Holds Barred Street Fight against Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania 32, but WWE has bigger plans for him. Later plans for Ambrose in 2016 include title matches and a possible heel turn.

Seth Rollins won the WWE Title and carried it for a long time while also winning the United States Title at the same time. Roman Reigns has since won the WWE Title twice and is expected to capture it again at the beginning of April.

Ambrose has won the Intercontinental Title once since The Shield split up, but much bigger things are coming.

According to Cageside Seats, the expectation is that Ambrose is going to be thrust into the WWE Title picture once WrestleMania 32 is over. He’s been in it before as he’s battled both Rollins and Triple H in hopes of capturing it but never crossed that threshold.

wwe rumors dean ambrose plans post wrestlemania 32 brock lesnar roman reigns
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Ambrose has really worked his way up the ladder and truly deserves a run with the title, but it’s going to be interesting how it comes about.

Dean Ambrose took on Triple H at Roadblock and lost the match for the WWE Title. On a recent edition of The Steve Austin Show, a lot of interesting information came forth. “Stone Cold” Steve Austin said that Ambrose’s clean defeat to Triple H actually elevated him due to the big table bump and the false finish where Trips’ foot was under the ropes.

“I think he shined so much as a wrestler, as a performer, that this match got him over more in my eyes than he was before this match and I liked Dean Ambrose to begin with. This match elevated Dean Ambrose. Dude, someone who books can argue that point with me, but I stand by the fact that someone had to get beat and the right guy got beat and he got beat in the right way and it’s going to make him stronger and that kid’s got a great future. He did before this match [and] he really does now. He went out there on a big stage with a top guy and threw down.”

That is all very true, and it is likely going to lead to Ambrose getting WWE Title matches later this year. Another thing that could truly elevate him to main event status is the outcome of his match against Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania 32.

wwe rumors dean ambrose plans post wrestlemania 32 brock lesnar roman reigns
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No matter what, this is really putting Ambrose in the spotlight. Some don’t believe that he can defeat Lesnar, and it may not be believable for him to do it cleanly. Still, this match is a No Holds Barred Street Fight and it could end up being a way for Ambrose to beat Lesnar and make it understandable.

The Street Fight could see interference from Mick Foley and/or The Wyatt Family who would both go after Lesnar and make an Ambrose victory even more possible.

Now, if plans have Dean Ambrose moving onto title matches after WrestleMania 32, then he could end up facing off with his longtime friend. It’s expected that Roman Reigns will win the WWE Title from Triple H and need a new feud to move into.

wwe rumors dean ambrose plans post wrestlemania 32 brock lesnar roman reigns
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It has been rumored for a long time that Roman Reigns would be turning heel, and he may do that if the fans continue to boo him after winning the WWE Title again. Steve Austin recently said that Reigns needs a heel run before he will really be accepted as a true babyface.

There is really no better way to have Reigns turn heel than to have him win the WWE Title, shun the fans entirely, and turn on his best friend, Dean Ambrose. WWE wants to keep a top face while John Cena is out and even once he returns, and the fans love Ambrose.

They don’t love Reigns. Not yet, anyway.

Now, if WWE goes ahead with the plans of Bray Wyatt taking on Brock Lesnar after WrestleMania 32, then these rumored plans for Ambrose make even more sense. Those two cold brutally take out one another while Ambrose moves on to bigger things.

It honestly all makes sense, but that is only if WWE ends up going the route that these rumors say they’re heading. Dean Ambrose still has to get past Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania 32, but he could end up in a WWE Title feud soon after that and against Roman Reigns fresh off a heel turn.

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